Wavy Brushstrokes #3 (color)

Sol LeWitt

This photo-etched aquatint is printed from twelve 36-inch-square copper etching plates in combinations of mixed red, yellow, and blue. After printing and drying, each print is torn down to a bleed print (where the image goes off the deckle edge of the paper), and the print is signed and numbered in pencil on the bottom front edge. The artist hand-drew 12 different wavy lined ink wash drawings, which were painstakingly photo-etched onto the copper plates by Master Printer Patricia Branstead of Riverhouse Editions. The editions were printed by Susan Oehme and her staff, including Susan J Thompson, Shaun Acton and Jessica Miller.

The image is a signature piece by Sol LeWitt, at a time in his career when he intentionally broke away from the more formally structured and regularly geometric pieces. The undulating wavy lines are nearly concentric, with slight variations and many layered areas of tertiary colors.

35 1/4 x 35 1/4 inches
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