Trump Legacy Stone

Brian Andrew WHITELEY

On Easter Sunday on March of 2016, Brooklyn based performance artist Brian Andrew Whiteley placed in the Sheep's Meadow section of New York's Central Park a tombstone he had made for presidential candidate Donald Trump. It was quickly confiscated by the police and put into an evidence locker in Queens but not before going viral on the internet by those who saw it Easter morning. The artist was eventually tracked down by the police, FBI and Secret Service and questioned but not arrested. Convinced that it was an art project and not a death threat, he tombstone was finally released to Whiteley and has been shown at several exhibitions and art fairs since. Master printer and publisher James Stroud contacted Whiteley to propose making an edition of direct tombstone rubbings from the surface of the stone as print project using pigmented wax on Japanese paper. There is now an edition of 100 prints made directly from the stone, available only from Center Street Studio. Each print measures 31 x 24 inches and is signed and numbered by the artist.

31 x 24 inches