Kent William Kent William

Slate Print in Color, 1966, Ed. of 9 or more, 71-5/8 x 36-3/4, printed in vibrant red and blue, signed, dated 1966 and annotated "mono print" in black ball point pen, on white cotton fabric measuring 80-3/4 x 43-3/4, some wrinkling from studio storage on rolls, these can be ironed out. The quote is not from Truman himself, but from the pilot of the Enola Gay, which dropped the Bomb on Hiroshima at Truman's command. This event, and the bombing of Nagasaki a week later ended the war. Truman is shown twice; at top, sombre faced in an oval beneath a colonial death's head surround from a gravestone, and below, smiling, holding a handful of ink pens used as to sign legislation, within a border with repeating pattern of atomic bombs. One of Kent's "Presidents" series of large prints with a powerful anti-war sentiment. A large and stunning vintage example of Kent's unusual slate prints.

71 5/8 x 36 inches
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