The Life of Christ (complete set of 26)

circa 1534-1535

Georg Pencz (ca. 1500-1550)

Engravings, each circa. 48 x 57 mm., Bartsch 30-54, including 33a; Landau 31-54 + 55 and 56, only states, ex collection: Lawson Thompson (Lugt 1770). The rare, complete set of 26 engravings. Fine to very fine impressions on laid paper with thread margins or trimmed on the plate mark, in near flawless condition. Bartsch considers all 26 prints as a set. Landau considers the set as 24 prints, with two additional subjects of slightly larger size and done afterwards. All 26 prints are included here. The subject matter goes from the Nativity to Pentecost, including many of the Parables. Notable, however, is the complete absence of the Crucifixion, events leading up to it and events immediately following, the series proceeding directly from Christ's Entry into Jerusalem to The Three Marys at the Tomb. Landau remarks on the popular tone of the series and of the portrayal of Christ, not as one who must undergo suffering, but as a good father who has the ability to produce miracles. Other images from the series are available on ourwebsite (www.drawingsandprints,com) as No.9 in the exhibition Standards.

1 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches