Table Talk

Peter Wever
circa 2006

Signed and numbered drypoint with over-painting, from the edition of 100. Two men involved in an intimate conversation over a dinner table. Peter Wever is a German artist, living in Berlin. Wever is best known for his images dealing with relationships, often a touch of humor. Couples are a common theme, intimate scenes at a dinner table, but also scenes of frantic work at a computer screen. His images often generate a tension of figures in opposition to each other. At the same time, his characters often appear to be almost identical, as if they are simultaneous expressions of one and the same person.

The starting point for each work is a drypoint etching (also using a mezzotint rocker), which layouts the basic image. He then paints over the entire surface, so that each print in the edition is unique, with the colors, and even the gender of the people in the print changing from one example to the other. What doesn't change is the dynamic tension and energy of the composition. Note: as with most prints, dimensions are for the image size.

16 x 22 inches