Side View B

Richard Bosman

Richard Bosman created a preparatory study that served as the principal base image for the Side View series of monoprints. The study was then digitally captured and two variations of the captured image were created through collaboration with the artist. Five archival pigment prints were then created from each of the three digital versions: the base image (monoprints titled Side View A through Side View E); the base image greyed and muted through extensive digital manipulation (monoprints titled Side View/Grey A through Side View/Grey E); and a night rendition of the base image created through extensive digital manipulation (monoprints titled Side View/Night A through Side View/Night E). Richard Bosman then painted a unique, narrative image (predominately in the side view mirror portion of the print) on each of the pigment prints. This rare series of fine prints is among Richard Bosman's first monoprints combining uniquely hand painted imagery over base images created through archival pigment printing.

This monoprint series is printed on premium Entrada Rag Natural 290, 100% cotton, archival paper. Each monoprint is signed by the artist in pencil and includes print documentation also signed by the artist.

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© Richard Bosman 2016, Photo © 2016

21 3/4 x 29 3/4 inches
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