Serpentine 8

Anne Russinof

A rich, gestural monoprint, "Serpentine 8", was made with multiple etched sugar lift, white ground and aquatinted copper plates, printed in turquoise, cerulean blue and silver ink. Printed on 100% archival cotton rag paper, signed by the artist in pencil on the lower right corner. The image size is 14” x 12”.

Anne Russinof lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Chicago, she is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received an MFA from Pratt Institute. Printmaking was an early focus for Russinof, who is now primarily an oil painter with a studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. All of Russinof’s work is tied together by a focus on gestural line as expressed in layers of color.

22 x 19 inches
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