Rue Saint-Romaine à Rouen (1er planche)

Camille-Jacob PISSARRO

Camille-Jacob Pissarro (1830-1903)

Actually a zincograph (similar to lithographic technique but using a zinc plate rather than a stone), 188 x 136 mm., Delteil 176 i-ii/ii. A fine impression on blue-grey chine-appliqué with large margins. This is a proof apart from both the numbered edition of 5 in the first state and the numbered edition of 25 in the second. Delteil mentions many erasures or lightenings in the houses in the second state, and some are noticeable here, but also mentions that only in the first state are there two figures at the far end of the street (only one in the second state), and both are visible in this impression. Therefore, an undescribed state between one and two. The colored paper adds much to this rather dour (for an Impressionist) image, but Pissarro was always more concerned with buildings-as-buildings than his colleagues and the streets of Rouen were of considerable fascination to him. He did four versions of this scene alone as well as other, similar views of different streets in that Norman city. For the record, Pissarro was born in what was then the Danish West Indies, now the U.S. Virgin Islands, became one of the greatest French Impressionist painters and, incidentally, created a considerable body of fine and esteemed graphic works.

7 1/2 x 5 3/8 inches