La Parisiènne (tournée à gauche, petite planche)

Jacques VILLON

Jacques Villon, born Gaston Duchamp (1875-1963). Color aquatint, 236 x 168 mm., Ginestet & Pouillon E-93. Fine impression in red, greens, pink and brown on japan (simili-japon?) paper with large or full margins, signed in pencil, numbered from the edition of 100, and with the Sagot blindstamp; slight discoloration of the paper. Long before Villon was a Cubist artist or an abstractionist, he worked very much within the area of Impressionism, producing some of the most attractive color and black-and-white images of the early years of the 20th century. Two of his brothers and one sister (all Duchamps) were artists and La Parisienne is actually a portrait of his sister-in-law Yvonne Duchamp-Villon, who appears several times in his work, at least once as a cubist print. We have other early works by Villon in stock; please inquire by email.

9 1/4 x 6 5/8 inches