Keeping Autumn

Sondra Freckelton

Sondra Freckelton would come to our Wing Lake Road studio with an extra suitcase or whatever travel bag she could get on the plane, packed with items destined to be included in a new screenprint edition. Before airport security became so restrictive, she would bring baskets, water pitchers, ceramic vases, quilts, etc., that would become significant imagery in the fine art screenprints she would create using layers of transparent ink. For Keeping Autumn Freckelton traveled light bringing only a beautiful watercolor sketch of a plate filled with grapes now seen in the foreground of the completed screenprint. The entire composition expanded from the small watercolor sketch to the complex composition you see as the finished fine art screenprint edition.

Keeping Autumn was screeprinted in 19 colors on premium Rives BFK paper (archival, 100% cotton, acid-free) made in France, in a limited edition of 42 impressions. As with all Stewart & Stewart publications, each impression is signed and numbered by the artist and includes complete print documentation also signed by the artist.

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© Sondra Freckelton 1991, Photo © 1991

41 x 28 1/2 inches