Entrances, Exits & Entropy

Brian Cypher

A portfolio of 12 etchings by Brian Cypher, housed in a hand made cloth-covered portfolio case with letterpress- printed colophon sheet. The portfolios are limited to seven complete sets from the editions of 16. Published by Manneken Press. Cypher's images are abstract but have an obvious inspirational source in nature.

Brian Cypher is a self-taught artist living and working in the Seattle, WA area. Cypher came to Manneken Press in October and November of 2013 to work on a suite of 12 small etchings collectively titled Entrances, Exits and Entropy were released in 2014. Several sets of Entrances Exits and Entropy are designated to be sold as sets and are available in a custom made portfolio cover with letterpress printed colophon page. Brian Cypher had a recent solo exhibition at Schema Projects in Bushwick, NYC. 

14 x 12 inches
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