Enterlocked Forms

Werner Drewes

Color Woodblock by the Bauhaus master, Werner Drewes.
Signed "Drewes" and dated '75 lower right.
Numbered lower left in Roman numberals: Edition of 30 of which this print is no. 3.
Rose #341.

Werner Drewes (1899-1985) was born in Canig Germany. His father was a Lutheran minister who expected him to use his art talent to become an architect. Instead Drewes chose to be an artist.

He was admitted to the Bauhaus, then in Weimar, in 1921. He studied under Klee, Itten , Schlemmer and Muche. Later, he studied under Kandinsky & Feininger who he remained in touch with throughout his life. Germany under Hitler had become too restrictive for the abstract artist, so in 1930 Drewes immigrated to New York City.

He was an esteemed teacher in many major institutions throughout his life. He had shows at The Museum of Modern Art, The Kleeman Gallery and many, many more. In 1985 the Smithsonian held a special show commemorating his 65 years as a printmaker.

9 1/8 x 21 inches