Cielo Azzuro

Mary Judge

"Cielo Azzuro" is an etching and aquatint printed in blue-green on Somerset Soft White paper. It is a unique print and is designated as State Proof 2/3. Published by Manneken Press. The image is inspired by stained glass, flowers, and other natural forms, and evokes order in its symmetrical designs. Reminiscent of her current "Pop-Flowers" drawings, "Cielo Azzuro" is printed from a single copper plate with painterly effects achieved with the use of soap-ground.

Mary Judge is an artist known for her complex and reductive works on paper, sculpture in cast concrete and painting in tempera acrylic. She was raised in rural New Jersey and attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, (BFA), Skowhegan School of Painting and Scultpure, Maine and Tyler School of Art (MFA) graduating from the Rome campus.

The artist writes:
"I have developed an intuitive sense of proportion in my current abstract works. Abstraction to me is drawing out and reducing. My images are figurative, that is, they have a thing-ness, an object-ness that pure abstract forms don't have. They express a state of being rather than pure non-objectivity".

Judge's work is process driven and could be considered “post minimal”. While the work is formally organized, the works are sensual, and suggest hidden geometries and have employed casual effects that result from the indirect processes she utilizes.

Her works are included in the collections of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Fogg Art Museum, The Corcoran Gallery of Art, The British Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Cassino, Italy. 

She currently divides her time between Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY and St Louis, MO, where she maintains her studio. Her relationship with Italy continues and she maintains a vacation home in the city of Nardó, a small baroque town on the Ionic sea of the Puglia region.

28 x 28 inches
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