Characters XVIII / ⌘-C

Guntars Sietins

The illusions and reflections in Sietins prints often bring M.C. Escher to mind, but his prints have a distinctive feel all their own. The numbers reflect up into the ball, along with a surreal image of a window opening up to a tree and exterior scene. Signed and numbered print from the edition of 35.

Guntars Sietins' prints continue to win international printmaking competitions, and he was recently featured in the book Printmaking Beyond the Edge by Richard Noyce. Sietins was born on October 23, 1962 in Kuldiga, Latvia. Since 1986 Mr. Sietins has kept up a full schedule of exhibitions in Europe. Mr. Sietins is also professor of Graphic Art at the Latvian Academy of Art, where he is currently department head. His prints are in numerous museums in Europe."

11 x 22 inches