Buttermilk Falls

Richard Bosman

From studies, Richard Bosman created an acrylic maquette for his Buttermilk Falls variable print edition. The maquette was digitally captured, the digital file was adjusted per the artist's instructions and the approved file was used to print archival pigment prints for the edition on Rives BFK 100% cotton archivial paper. To enhance the impressions, Bosman then added drawing (pastel) and painting (acrylic) to each impression providing a near match from print to print, given the subtle variation of handwork. This is a rare work with only five prints in the variable edition and Richard Bosman's first foray into archival pigment printing including the addition of drawn and painted imagery.

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© Richard Bosman 2011, Photo © StewartStewart.com 2011

25 1/4 x 39 1/2 inches