Building New York

Leon Kroll
circa 1915

Building New York
Watercolor, c. 1915
Signed by the artist lower right
Bernard Danenberg Galleries did an exhibition and catalog, The Rediscovered Years, 1970. It focused exclusively on Kroll's New York paintings. Several of the works have similar compositional devices including the angular metal structures, silhouetted figure, steam rising and the New York skyline as a background.

The painting "Building Manhattan", 1915 has a similar crane dissecting the composition, steam rising and silhouetted figures as this watercolor does. Notice the men working on the far right edge and the similarity of the sub-structure to the present watercolor. (See photo)

Condition: Excellent, COLORS FRESH AND VIBRANT
Brown paper tape adhered to edges by the artist during the painting of the watercolor

15 3/8 x 11 3/8 inches