Broad Spectrum

Dan Welden

Dan Welden, (B. 1941), Broad Spectrum, Solar Plate Etching, 2009, a unique Hand Colored impression outside a small Edition, 11 x 14, signed, titled and dated in pencil, on warm whte wove paper. Dan Welden, an internationally renown teacher, author, and master printer; is best known as the inventor of Solar Plate Etching; developed to provide a non toxic alternative to etching with acid. Solar Plate utilizes a photosensitive emulsion on a metal plate. The artist draws onto a transparent film which is laid over the plate and exposed to light, activating the photo sensitized emulsion. The plate is then bathed and areas "drawn on" dissolve, leaving furrows in the plate with exact fidelity to the artist's drawing. It is then inked and printed like a traditional etching; and offers an expanded range of techniques and aesthetic versatility without the toxicity of etching with acid and solvents.

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