Janet Fish

It was Sondra Freckelton who advised Janet Fish to travel to Michigan to create fine art print editions with Stewart & Stewart. A.M. was the sixth master screenprint edition Fish created at Stewart & Stewart's Wing Lake Road studio. A.M. was printed with 16 transparent colors. The artist had a complete command of how to screenprint with transparent inks to attain a full spectrum of over 4000 achieved colors and values with a palette of as few as 12 transparent printing inks. Her total understanding of the medium is clearly evident in each of the ten master screenprint editions Fish created in Michigan from 1991-1996, including a fine print commission for the Detroit Institute of Arts. Both Janet Fish and Stewart & Stewart's master printer, Norman Stewart, share the understanding of color theories Josef Albers and later his student, Sewell Sillman, championed at the Yale School of Art.

Go to StewartStewart.com to view all 10 master screenprints by Janet Fish and fine prints others have created at Stewart & Stewart. To order or for more information, email norm@StewartStewart.com or phone 248.626.5248

© Janet Fish 1994, Photo © StewartStewart.com 1994

28 1/2 x 41 inches