Paul Stewart

Aerial is a four color, high-relief intaglio print printed on the artist’s own handmade paper (archival, 100% cotton, acid-free) at his studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Four deeply etched magnesium plates were used to create the image which extends to the paper’s naturally irregular deckle edge. Due to the nature of handmade paper and the complexity of high-relief intaglio printing, some minor, yet aesthetically acceptable variations exist from print to print in the edition.

The pulp used to create the handmade paper for Aerial was made from new sheets of French Rives BFK paper (archival, 100% cotton, acid-free) finely shredded into wet paper pulp required to make the new handmade paper sheets. Aerial was printed in a limited edition of 50 impressions. As with all Stewart & Stewart publications, each impression is signed and numbered by the artist and includes complete print documentation also signed by the artist. Paul Stewart is an independent artist and not related to either partner of Stewart & Stewart.

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© Paul Stewart 1988, Photo © 1988

21 x 28 inches