How to use our website

Thank you for visiting our website. With you in mind, we have tried to make it as pleasant and easy as possible for you to find prints that appeal to you specifically. You can browse the website in a variety of ways, each designed to make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

• By exhibitor, to find what's new with your favorite dealer or publisher.
• By featured categories, found lower down on the home page, where you can find such categories as Color Woodcuts, Old Master...
• Browse All Art. There you can refine your search by technique, subject... Simply click the left-hand categories to hone in on your specific interest.
• Type an artist name or word in the search bar.
• Click the artists page, and find the artist's last name of interest to you.

To purchase a print, or ask specific questions about a work of art, please go to our exhibitors overview page (click here).  You will find each exhibitor's email, phone number, or web page.  Please contact the dealer who own the work of art you wish to acquire.  They will be happy to assist you and discuss payment, shipping and additional practical details with you.  They will also gladly share additional information about art in their possession.