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Steve Stoops of Stevens Fine Art handles mostly American art created 1850-1950. The gallery’s holdings include a wide selection of paintings, watercolors, and fine prints by an eclectic group of listed artists. We have an interest in depression-era art; urban and city subjects, Regionalism, as well as California Impressionists, and early abstraction. We sell by private appointment and through our web site. We also exhibit at several Fine Art and Fine Prints shows around the country.  Please check the events page on our website to see where we will be exhibiting next.

Steven Stoops
Becker, Fred, Dancer, Etching

Becker, Fred


Etching, circa 1950's.


This color etching was most likely created in the 1950's. while Becker was establishing the printmaking department at Washington University in St. ...

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Benton, Thomas Hart


Lithograph, 1941.


An original stone lithograph in excellent condition by well known Regionalist Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975). Titled: "Aaron” AAA print created 194...

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The Race

Benton, Thomas Hart

The Race

Lithograph, 1942.


Lithograph, 1942. Excellent condition, full margins. Edition of 250. Signed in pencil, lower right. Published by Associated American Artists, New Y...

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Running Horses

Benton, Thomas Hart

Running Horses

Lithograph, 1955.


Lithograph, 1955. 12 1/2 x 16 1/2 inches, full margins. Edition of 100. Signed in pencil, lower right. Fath no. 78. Published by Associated America...

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Benton, Thomas Hart, The Little Fisherman

Benton, Thomas Hart

The Little Fisherman

Lithograph, 1967.


Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975). Fath No. 80. "The Little Fisherman." Lithograph, 1967. Signed in pencil. Edition 300. Excellent condition, full ma...

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Bisttram, Emil, Indian Portrait, Lithograph

Bisttram, Emil

Indian Portrait

Lithograph, circa 1930's.


Signed in pencil lower right, Emil Bisttram, Taos. Numbered 15 of 25p. and titled "Indian Portrait" lower left. Native American girl with a pot on...

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Into the Hills

Capps, Charles

Into the Hills

Etching, 1947.


In excellent condition. Edition: 200 This aquatint, "Into the Hills," received the 1st Purchase Prize from the "Best Prints of the Year" at the Si...

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Jane Reed & Dora Hunt

Carter, Clarence

Jane Reed & Dora Hunt

Lithograph, 1950.


This print was a gift to the National Gallery of Art by Dave and Reba Williams. Pencil signed lower right. Pencil titled lower left. Excellent co...

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Covarrubias, Miguel, Rumba, Lithograph

Covarrubias, Miguel


Lithograph, 1945.


AAA. Edition of 250. This print exists in many permanent collections. It's an exciting image of a black couple dancing the rumba as three musician...

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De Martelly, John, Looking at the Sunshine, Lithograph


Looking at the Sunshine

Lithograph, 1939.


"Looking at the Sunshine" is in the Library of Congress. The edition size is 250. In the 1930s and 1940s, De Martelly taught printmaking at the Ka...

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Derain, Andre, Metamorphoses, Lithograph

Derain, Andre


Lithograph, 1927.


Signed Derain and numbered lower left in pencil. 55/100 Title: Metamorphoses: Visage de Femme Apputee sur sa Main. One of a set of twelve studies ...

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Drewes, Werner, Tilting Power, Woodcut

Drewes, Werner

Tilting Power

Woodcut, 1981.


Artist Proof. Signed Drewes lower right and dated '81. Rose #388.

Dwight, Mabel, The Brothers, Lithograph

Dwight, Mabel

The Brothers

Lithograph, 1928.


Robinson & Pirog #25. Edition: 50. Pencil signed lower right "Mabel Dwight." Dwight's response to the Scopes trial of 1925.

Feitelson, Lorser, Girl Reading, Lithograph

Feitelson, Lorser

Girl Reading

Lithograph, 1938.


This is a copy of the earlier printing of this image from 1938. Pencil signed lower right. Small edition. Printed with oche ink.

Friedlander, Isaac, Exodus, Woodcut

Friedlander, Isaac


Woodcut, 1931.


Sigend lower right. Titled and dated lower left. Issac Friedlander (1890-1968) was born in Mitau, Latvia. He studied art at the Academy of Rome. H...

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Friedlander, Isaac, The Brooklyn Bridge, Etching

Friedlander, Isaac

The Brooklyn Bridge

Etching, 1930.


Signed and dated lower right. Edition size lower center; 38/50. Titled lower left. Issac Friedlander (1890-1968) was born in Mitau, Latvia. He s...

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Gwathmey, Robert, Topping Tobacco, Screenprint

Gwathmey, Robert

Topping Tobacco

Screenprint, 1947.


Edition: 300. Signed in ink in the image lower left. Illustrated in American Screenprints p. 42. From the Collection of Dave & Reba Willimas.

Heckman, Albert, Still Life, Lithograph

Heckman, Albert

Still Life

Lithograph, 1924.


A Modernist Still Life image. Signed lower right, Albert Heckman. Dated at lower center 1924 with the city name, Woodstock. Heckman divided his ...

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Kasimir, Luigi, 5th Avenue New York, Etching

Kasimir, Luigi

5th Avenue New York

Etching, 1927.


A wonderful impression pencil signed lower center. Kasimir was an Austrian born artist well known for his color etchings. While touring America ...

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Kloss, Gene, Pilar on the Rio Grande, Aquatint| Drypoint

Kloss, Gene

Pilar on the Rio Grande

Drypoint, 1945.


Sanchez #400. Illustrated on page 222. Edition: 70. This is a print from Gene Kloss's best period, in my opinion, the 1930's and 1940's. Her aqu...

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Kuhler, Otto, Monster & Midgets, Etching

Kuhler, Otto

Monster & Midgets

Etching, 1928.


This is a wonderful train image by one of the best known industrial designers of the American railroads. In addition Otto Kuhler was a prolific art...

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Landeck, Armin, Stairhall, Etching

Landeck, Armin


Etching, 1950.


Pencil signed lower right Landeck. Edition: 100. This etching is in excellent condition. Sheet size is 26 x 32 inches. Kraeft #104. Landeck was an...

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Lewis, Martin, Shadows on the Ramp, Drypoint

Lewis, Martin

Shadows on the Ramp

Drypoint, 1927.


Edition: 75. Drypoint and sand ground. McCarron #64. Pencil signed lower right Martin Lewis. This print has full margins and is in mint condition. ...

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Racz, Andre, Mother and Child, Intaglio

Racz, Andre

Mother and Child

Intaglio, 1949.


This Color Intaglio is no. 20 of the edition of 35. It is pencil signed lower right, pencil titled lower center and numbered lower left. This print...

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