Portrait, Figures, and Nudes

This collection of prints presents a vast array of subjects with humans as its theme.  You'll find portraits of people, famous and not; all manner of people, at work, at play, at rest, and in any other activity one can imagine; as well as human form as inspiration to creation, dressed or not.
ALTDORFER, Albrecht: Dido



Engraving, circa 1520-30.


Albrecht Altdorfer (ca.1480-1538). Engraving, Bartsch 42, Hollstein 48, Winzinger 159 a (of c), 64 x 38 mm., ex collections: Gustav von Rath (Lug...

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Hayter, Stanley William: JEUX D'EAUX

Hayter, Stanley William


Stencil or pochoir, 1953.


Hayter, Stanley William. JEUX D'EAU. B/M 208. Engraving and soft-ground etching with stencilled colors, 1953. Edition of 200. Signed, titled dated ...

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GHEYN, Jacob de II , after: Two masked Dancers

GHEYN, Jacob de II , after

Two masked Dancers

Engraving, 1595/6.


From the series of ten Masquerades, possibly engraved by Zacharias Dolendo. New Hollstein 168 Watermark: Baslerstab (Heawood 1182, c. 1583) A very ...

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St. Thomas

DURER, Albrecht

St. Thomas

Engraving, 1514.


Meder 50 b/d, with the light scratches above the rock at left, but before the one crossing the lance. A very fine, crisp impression with the draper...

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Peterdi, Gabor: Death of the Matador Sold

Peterdi, Gabor

Death of the Matador

Engraving, 1939.

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Gabor Peterdi, Amer., (1915-1991), Death of the Matador, Engraving, 1939, Ed. probably 57 plus AP's, J. 18, not stated, 9-5/16 x 11-11/16, one of ...

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IGONET, Marie Madeleine : La Sculpture

IGONET, Marie Madeleine

La Sculpture

Etching, 1752.


After Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre (1714-89), this is a companion piece to La Peinture after François Boucher Inventaire du Fond Français 2 II ; Por...

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CARAVAGGIO, Michelangelo, after, The Incredulity of St. Thomas, Engraving| Etching

CARAVAGGIO, Michelangelo, after

The Incredulity of St. Thomas

Etching, 17th century.


Engraved by I. ROBILLART (active in the first half of the 17th C.). Le Blanc 2, Nagler 1 (both as N. Robillart); A. Moir (Caravaggio and his Copyis...

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SAENREDAM, JAN: The Cult of Venus


The Cult of Venus

Engraving, 1596.


Jan Saenredam (Zaandam c. 1565/66 – 1607 Assendelft) After Hendrick Goltzius (1558 – 1617) “The Cult of Venus” From "The Cults of Ceres, Venus and...

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BEHAM, BARTHEL: A Halberdier on a Horse


A Halberdier on a Horse

Engraving, 16th century.


BARTHEL BEHAM Nuremberg c. 1502 – 1540 Italy "A Halberdier on a Horse" Engraving. 6,5 x 4,6 cm Literature: Passavant VI, 124 II; Robert-Dumesnil...

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DREWES, Werner, Sunset, Engraving| Etching| Intaglio

DREWES, Werner


Intaglio, 1944 - 1975.


"Sunset" is an engraving and softground etching by American artist Werner Drewes (1899-1985). It is pencil signed and inscribed "5/XXV, 2nd edition...

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DOETECUM, JOANNES and LUCAS VAN, Venus and Adonis, Engraving


Venus and Adonis

Engraving, 1572.


JOANNES VAN DOETECUM active Deventer c. 1554 – 1606 Haarlem, and LUCAS VAN DOETECUM active c. 1554 – c. 1573 Deventer/ Antwerp After Gerard van G...

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Goltzius, Hendrick, Venus and Cupid, Engraving

Goltzius, Hendrick

Venus and Cupid

Engraving, 1596.


HENDRICK GOLTZIUS Brüggen 1558 – 1617 Haarlem "Venus and Cupid" From the series the 'Three Goddesses', 1596 Engraving. 34.5 x 25.8 cm Singed wi...

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Still Life in Germany


Still Life in Germany

Engraving, 1946.


Johnson 20. Edition of only 30. Signed, titled and dated in pencil. Peterdi joined the US Army during World War II. This is one of two prints mad...

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