Portrait, Figures, and Nudes

This collection of prints presents a vast array of subjects with humans as its theme.  You'll find portraits of people, famous and not; all manner of people, at work, at play, at rest, and in any other activity one can imagine; as well as human form as inspiration to creation, dressed or not.
GJERTSON, Sarah: Embedded (for Eula)


Embedded (for Eula)

Photograph, 2017.


In 2015, Denver University professor and artist, Sarah Gjertson, embarked on a project to document abandoned mining sites around Colorado. As her r...

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MARKHAM, Kyra: Mature Vision


Mature Vision

Lithograph, 1935.


Lithograph, 1935 11 1/8 in. x 9 1/8 in. (283 mm x 232 mm) Edition of 17 Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $3200 A fine impression of this am...

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ABRAMOVITZ, Abraham: Accident



Wood engraving, c. 1935-43.


Wood engraving, c. 1935-43 4 1/2 in. x 6 in. (114 mm x 152 mm) Edition of c. 25 Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $3200 A fine impression of...

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DURIEUX, Caroline: Revelations

DURIEUX, Caroline


Lithograph, 1944.


Lithograph, 1944 12 in. x 10 1/4 in. (305 mm x 260 mm) Edition of 20 Catalogue Reference: Zigrosser 36 Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $300...

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Sterner, Albert: Adam and Eve

Sterner, Albert

Adam and Eve

Lithograph, 1921.


Albert Sterner (United States) 1863-1946 "Adam and Eve". Lithograph, 1921. Ed: 50. Signed with pencil, l.r. Initialled and dated on the stone, l.r....

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OSBERT, Alphonse: An Evening from Antiquity

OSBERT, Alphonse

An Evening from Antiquity

Aquatint, 1908-1924.


After Alphonse OSBERT (1857 – 1939) Etched by René LORRAIN (1873 – after 1939) "Soir Antique" (original French title) Color aquatint on thick Ar...

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MARTIN, Henri: Indecision



Lithograph, circa 1896.


"Indécision" (original French title) Lithograph on simili-japon paper. Published by the Société des Peintres-Lithographes, for one of their albums...

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Robbe, Manuel: Nocturne (Le Flirt)

Robbe, Manuel

Nocturne (Le Flirt)

Aquatint, circa 1905.


Manuel Robbe (France) 1872-1939 "Nocturne" (Le Flirt). Aquatint, c. 1905. Merrill-Chase 62. Ref. "Prints About Prints", Diane Ewan Wolfe...

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Redon, Odilon: Béatrice

Redon, Odilon


Lithograph, 1897.


Odilon Redon (France) 1840-1916 "Béatrice". Lithograph, 1897. Mellerio 168, Werner 143. Ref: Bailly-Herzberg, p. 276. Ed: 100, as published by Amb...

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Daphne Transformed

Flack, Audrey

Daphne Transformed

Screenprint, 2009.


“The prints are two stages of the metamorphosis of Daphne. In the attempt to escape the pursuit of Apollo, Daphne asks for help from her father the...

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Kim, Marina, Eve Delf - V, Mezzotint

Kim, Marina

Eve Delf - V

Mezzotint, 2012.


Marina Kim (British) b. 1970 "Eve Delf - V". Mezzotint, 2012. Ed: 75. Signed with pencil, l.r. Titled with pencil, l.c. Inscribed with pencil, "2/...

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Kim, Marina, Eve Delf - IV, Mezzotint

Kim, Marina

Eve Delf - IV

Mezzotint, 2012.


Marina Kim (British) b. 1970 "Eve Delf - IV". Mezzotint, 2012. Ed: 75. Signed with pencil, l.r. Titled with pencil, l.c. Inscribed with pencil, "2...

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KENT, Rockwell: "Godspeed"

KENT, Rockwell


Wood engraving, 1931.


Kent, Rockwell (1882-1971) "Godspeed" Wood engraving, 1931 5 1/4 in. x 6 7/8 in. (133 mm x 175 mm) Edition of 150 Catalogue Reference: Burne-Jones...

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The Death of Ophelia


The Death of Ophelia

Drawing or watercolor, 1922.


Pen and ink and ink wash on bristol board. A finely detailed study for Austen’s illustration published in the 1922 book Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Princ...

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Commmuter Blueprint

Mann, Kelvin

Commmuter Blueprint

Etching, 2012.


This blueprint for a commuter, with suspended wheels and pulleys, shows Mann's enjoyment playing with the mechanics and exposed workings of imagin...

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Etude de femme (Abundance)

Chavennes, Puvis de

Etude de femme (Abundance)

Lithograph, 1895.


Pierre Puvis de Chavannes (France) 1824-1898 Etude de femme (Abundance). Lithograph, 1895 Ed:200 (?), as published in L'estampe originale, vol IX.....

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