Un-Titled 03,05,13,20


This is a suite of four photogravures by Brooklyn based German photographer Eva Mueller. Each of the 4 sheets measures 30 x 22 inches with the images measuring 20 x 14.5 inches each. The plates were crafted by Lothar Osterburg in Brooklyn and printed and published in editions of 30 by master printer James Stroud at Center Street Studio. The prints are only available as a set.
The four portraits are from four stills of the artist's Un-Titled video project, a ten-minute long looping video sculpture, framed in welded monolithic steel. The viewer is invited to contemplate the importance/unimportance of gender and race. A sequence of twenty faces, painted pure black, continuously morphs from one into the at a nearly imperceptible pace. Shot close up, showing neither hair or any other identifiable reference to gender, ethnicity or cultural heritage, the eyes serve as the only portal for the viewer through which to gain access to the essence of each individual, moving beyond gender and race. The viewer is thereby invited to contemplate the importance/unimportance of gender and race. Black as the anti-color absorbing all light and distraction until only pure form remains. Through an invested engagement of time, one may begin to question whether or not they have been staring at the same face throughout, despite the fact that the image is always in flux. In that moment, there is a stillness that serves as a collective recognition of what connects us all on a deeper level.

30 x 22 1/2 inches