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Waterloo, Anthonie: The Village on the Hill

Waterloo, Anthonie

The Village on the Hill

Etching, 1650.


Anthonie Waterloo (Netherlands) 1610-1690 "The Village on the Hill" (Die ortschaft auf dem Hugel) Etching, 1650. Uncommon. Bartsch 92; Hollstein 92...

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SAENREDAM, JAN: The Cult of Venus


The Cult of Venus

Engraving, 1596.


Jan Saenredam (Zaandam c. 1565/66 – 1607 Assendelft) After Hendrick Goltzius (1558 – 1617) “The Cult of Venus” From "The Cults of Ceres, Venus and...

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LEYDEN, LUCAS VAN: Ornament with two Dolphins


Ornament with two Dolphins

Engraving, 1527.


LUCAS VAN LEYDEN Leiden 1494 – 1533 Leiden Ornament with two Dolphins, 1527 Engraving. 11,3 x 8,3 cm. Monogramed in the plate below “L” and date...

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BEHAM, BARTHEL: A Halberdier on a Horse


A Halberdier on a Horse

Engraving, 16th century.


BARTHEL BEHAM Nuremberg c. 1502 – 1540 Italy "A Halberdier on a Horse" Engraving. 6,5 x 4,6 cm Literature: Passavant VI, 124 II; Robert-Dumesnil...

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CALLOT, Jacques (1592-1635), Balli di Sfessania, Etching

CALLOT, Jacques

Balli di Sfessania

Etching, 1621.


Jacques Callot (1592-1635) Complete set of 24 etchings, each, ca. 71 x 92 mm., Lieure 379-402, generally i/ii. Fine full set on thin laid paper, se...

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David, Giovanni, The tired Wig-maker, Etching

David, Giovanni

The tired Wig-maker

Etching, 1775.


From the series of 12 costumed figures, Divers portraits gravés à l’eau-forte Etching, 1775. Le Blanc 15; Schleier/Grasso 12, first state of two, b...

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CARPIONI, Giulio, Fire, Etching



Etching, 17th century.


From The Four Elements. The Illustrated Bartsch 18 (188) A fine impression with many polish-marks showing, trimmed on the borderline all round. Sli...

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REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (1606-1669), Clement de Jonghe, Drypoint| Etching


Clement de Jonghe

Etching, 1650.


Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) Etching and drypoint, 1650, 208 x 162 mm., B/R/S 272 v/vii, Hind 251 v/vi, Bjorklund/Barnard 51c, Nowell-Usticke 272...

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