ALTDORFER, Albrecht: Dido



Engraving, circa 1520-30.


Albrecht Altdorfer (ca.1480-1538). Engraving, Bartsch 42, Hollstein 48, Winzinger 159 a (of c), 64 x 38 mm., ex collections: Gustav von Rath (Lug...

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BONASONE, Giulio: The Wounded Scipio


The Wounded Scipio

Engraving, circa 1540.


Giulio Bonasone (ca.1510-ca. 1576). Engraving, 200 x 270 mm., Bartsch 81 only state. A very good and clear impression, lacking the intense black...

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Bonasone, Giulio : The Triumph of Love

Bonasone, Giulio

The Triumph of Love

Etching, 1545.


Giulio Bonasone (Active c. 1510 – after 1576 Bologna) "The Triumph of Love", 1545. Etching, 28.1 x 41 cm. Signed in the plate at bottom right '15...

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Master IQV : Triumph of Amphitrite

Master IQV

Triumph of Amphitrite

Etching, c. 1542-45.


Monogrammist IQV Fontainebleau, active 1540-1550s after Giulio Romano (1499-1546) "Triumph of Amphitrite", c. 1540-1545 Etching, 29.5 x 46.5 cm. ...

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Smith, John: Sir Christopher Wren

Smith, John

Sir Christopher Wren

Mezzotint, 1713.


John Smith (British) 1655-1743 "Sir Christopher Wren". Mezzotint, 1713, after a painting (1711) by Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723). Ed: Uncommon. With ...

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DIETTERLIN, Wendel: Monumental Portal


Monumental Portal

Etching, 1593-98.


Plate 27 from Architectura von Ausztheilung Symmetria und Proportion der fünff Seulen, a set of five title-plates and 193 plates published in five...

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PASSE, Crispin de the Younger: Temperantia

PASSE, Crispin de the Younger


Engraving, 17th Century.


Hollstein 432 A very fine impression, with a thread margin at the top, small margins on three sides. The tip of the top left margin corner repaired...

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GHEYN, Jacob de II , after: Two masked Dancers

GHEYN, Jacob de II , after

Two masked Dancers

Engraving, 1595/6.


From the series of ten Masquerades, possibly engraved by Zacharias Dolendo. New Hollstein 168 Watermark: Baslerstab (Heawood 1182, c. 1583) A very ...

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FAGIUOLI, Girolamo (formerly Master G.F. or F.G.), attributed to: The Death of Meleager

FAGIUOLI, Girolamo (formerly Master G.F. or F.G.), attributed to

The Death of Meleager

Engraving, 1543.


After Francesco Salviati. The Illustrated Bartsch XV, 29, 298; Robert-Dumesnil IX, 152, 32, first state of three; S. Bianchi, Grafica d’Arte 2003-0...

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St. Thomas

DURER, Albrecht

St. Thomas

Engraving, 1514.


Meder 50 b/d, with the light scratches above the rock at left, but before the one crossing the lance. A very fine, crisp impression with the draper...

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van Ostade, Adriaen: The Empty Jug

van Ostade, Adriaen

The Empty Jug

Etching, circa 1653.


The Empty Jug Etching, c. 1653 Signed in the plate lower left Condition: On fine laid paper partial armorial watermark with a small cross, with mar...

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