Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple


Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple
Etching with drypoint, 1635
Signed in the plate lower right
A rich impression printed with some burr and plate tone in the shadows of the figures to the right
Watermark: Ash & Fletcher, Arms of Amsterdam D.c. presumed after 1650
Thought to be a slightly posthumous impression, with alterations in the plate not by Rembrandt.
Reference: Hind 126 ii/II, Bartsch 69 ii/II, New Hollstein 139 ii/IV
Before the retouching of plate and the posthumous editions by Watelet, Basan and Bernard
Condition: Very fine, trimmed near the platemark, one thin spot in center of the sheet
Note: MMA has a similar impression ii/II that compares very closely with this impression as does the Achenbach Foundation at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the Morgan Library.
The National Gallery of Art, Washington has a superior impression of ii/II (as here) with selective inking to achieve dramatic painterly effect.

According to Clifford Ackley in Rembrandt’s Journey Painter Draftsman Etcher, MFA Boston,
“Christ Driving the Money Changer from the Temple is perhaps the most physically energetic episode in Christ’s ministry. Christ’s cleaning the place of worship of those who seek to profit from religion is recounted by all four evangelists (see for example, John 2:13-16. Jesus made himself a flail of rope and wielded it vigorously to drive from the temple the moneychangers and those who sold cattle, sheep and doves for sacrificial offerings. Overturning the tables of the moneychangers, he declares that “My house shall be called the House of Prayer, but ye have made it a Den of Thieves” (Luke 19:46). “

5 1/16 x 6 9/16 inches