ALTDORFER, Albrecht: Dido



Engraving, circa 1520-30.


Albrecht Altdorfer (ca.1480-1538). Engraving, Bartsch 42, Hollstein 48, Winzinger 159 a (of c), 64 x 38 mm., ex collections: Gustav von Rath (Lug...

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BONASONE, Giulio: The Wounded Scipio


The Wounded Scipio

Engraving, circa 1540.


Giulio Bonasone (ca.1510-ca. 1576). Engraving, 200 x 270 mm., Bartsch 81 only state. A very good and clear impression, lacking the intense black...

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SCHONGAUER, Martin (ca. 1435-1491): Saint Thomas

SCHONGAUER, Martin (ca. 1435-1491)

Saint Thomas

Engraving, circa 1480.


A very fine, rich and clear impression of this image, from Schongauer's set of The Apostles, 90 x 50 mm., on thin laid paper without watermark (TIB...

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CALLOT, Jacques (1592-1635), Balli di Sfessania, Etching

CALLOT, Jacques

Balli di Sfessania

Etching, 1621.


Jacques Callot (1592-1635) Complete set of 24 etchings, each, ca. 71 x 92 mm., Lieure 379-402, generally i/ii. Fine full set on thin laid paper, se...

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REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (1606-1669), Clement de Jonghe, Drypoint| Etching


Clement de Jonghe

Etching, 1650.


Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) Etching and drypoint, 1650, 208 x 162 mm., B/R/S 272 v/vii, Hind 251 v/vi, Bjorklund/Barnard 51c, Nowell-Usticke 272...

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REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (1606-1669), Jews in Synagogue, Drypoint| Etching


Jews in Synagogue

Etching, 1648.


Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) Etching and drypoint, 1648, 71 x 129 mm., Bartsch 126, Hind 234, Boon/White126 ii/iii, Bjorklund/Barnard 48d iii/iii...

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ROGHMAN. Roeland, River and Rocks, Italy, Etching

ROGHMAN. Roeland

River and Rocks, Italy

Etching, circa 1650.


Roeland Roghman (1627-1692) Etching, 137 x 250 mm., from Views of Italy, Bartsch 26, Hollstein 26 only state. Fine, strong impression on laid paper...

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MOITTE, François-Auguste (1741-1790) after Pierre-Antoine Baudouin, Le Catéchisme, Engraving| Etching

MOITTE, François-Auguste

Le Catéchisme

Etching, 1777.


François-Auguste Moitte (1741-1790) after Pierre-Antoine Baudouin Etching and engraving, 337 x 425 mm., LeBlanc 9, Bocher 12 iii/iii. Very fine imp...

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PETHER, William (ca. 1738-1822) after Joseph Wright of Derby (1734-1797), A Farrier's Shop, Mezzotint

PETHER, William

A Farrier's Shop

Mezzotint, 1771.


William Pether (ca. 1738-1822) after Joseph Wright of Derby (1734-1797) A famous large mezzotint, Chaloner Smith 49, Clayton P 8, 505 x 350 mm., ex...

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SAFTLEVEN, Herman (1609-1685): Gothic Tower by the Water


Gothic Tower by the Water

Drawing or watercolor, 17th century.


Herman Saftleven (1609-1685) Original drawing in black chalk with grey wash, 94 x 104 mm. A typically small but finished drawing with two figures n...

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LEYDEN, Lucas van (1494-1533): The Surgeon Sold

LEYDEN, Lucas van

The Surgeon

Engraving, 1524.

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Lucas van Leyden (1494-1533) Very good, delicate, "a" quality impression according to The New Hollstein on thin laid paper, trimmed just inside the...

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The Little Courier

DÜRER, Albrecht

The Little Courier

Engraving, circa 1496.


Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) Bartsch 80, Meder 79 a (of e), ex collection: William M. Ivins, Jr. (not in Lugt). Very fine, bright impression, before ...

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