No Two Alike

Who said prints were multiples?  The selection below features all the original prints in our show that were printed in a unique way.  While most monotypes use the matrix just once, leaving all ink on the paper when printed, monoprints will likely feature images created with matrixes that are reused for different inking or coloring each time.  And then, there are all these artists who simply won't abide by any rule, and use the plate of the block to do something unexpected, no matter how much you try to define their technique.  This selection is for those who like to own something unique.
Slonem, Hunt: Abrahams Peace Plan 2

Slonem, Hunt

Abrahams Peace Plan 2

Monoprint, 2013.


Hunt Slonem provided a digital image that served as the principle substrate image for the Abrahams Peace Plan-2 edition. The study was digitally ad...

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Bosman, Richard: Porthole 7

Bosman, Richard

Porthole 7

Monoprint, 2014.


Richard Bosman painted a preparatory study that served as the principle image for this series of eighteen monoprints titled Porthole 1 through Port...

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Slonem, Hunt: Bird Wing-A

Slonem, Hunt

Bird Wing-A

Monoprint, 2013.


Hunt Slonem created a watercolor maquette that served as the principle substrate image for this series of seven hand painted monoprints titled Bird...

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Freedman, Deborah: Ghost Road 2

Freedman, Deborah

Ghost Road 2

Monoprint, 2020.


A lyrical painterly print evoking water, snow and mountains. Deborah Freedman is a painter and printmaker whose work has been exhibited at The Broo...

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