Jill Moser

"Violets" is one of six color aquatints comprising Jill Moser's "Chroma Six" suite. Printed on Arnhem paper in an edition of 20. The prints in the "Chroma Six" suite are available singly. Published by Manneken Press.

Jill Moser’s strongly gestural paintings and prints are calculated explosions of calligraphic lines and color. Her oeuvre is largely an exploration of the language of abstraction. Moser’s broader practice centers on a dialogue between painting and printmaking. “To work on a print is to strip down the constructive parts of an image, slowing down and revealing the performative aspects of its making,” she says. “I’m intrigued by how the process records both the structure and the event and makes the process become visible.” The print allows Moser to introduce a mechanical process that mediates between her hand and the image thereby allowing her to slow down and re-encounter her own gestures. 

23 1/2 x 20 inches
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