WHITMAN, George: Untitled (Dragonfly)


Untitled (Dragonfly)

Etching, 2020.


Known for his meticulously drawn works describing a fantastical view of nature, where flora and fauna exist in a dream-like landscape, George Whitm...

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Jacquette, Yvonne, Untitled, Etching

Jacquette, Yvonne


Etching, 1990.


In this signature print by Yvonne Jaquette, the artist depicts a favorite image of hers: an aerial view over a city or farmland which includes part...

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BOSWELL, Laura: Twelve Views: Brill Windmill


Twelve Views: Brill Windmill

Woodcut, no date.


Japanese color watercolor woodcut reduction, printed on wove paper. Edition of 20. Signed, dated and numbered in pencil.


Frasconi, Antonio


Woodcut, 1967.


Frasconi, Antonio (American, born Uruguay, 1919-2013). TUSCANY VI. Woodcut in colors, 1967. Edition of 20. Signed, titled, dated, and numbered 17/...

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WHITMAN,  George: Tucker



Etching, 2017.


Known for his meticulously drawn works describing a fantastical view of nature, where flora and fauna exist in a dream-like landscape, George Whitm...

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Intaglio, 1983.


"Tropics" is a color intaglio, an etching with embossing, by American printmaker Sonia Gechtoff (1926-2018). Created in 1983, it is signed, dated a...

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Mitchell, Joan: Trees (Red)

Mitchell, Joan

Trees (Red)

Lithograph, 1991-1992.


Trees (Red) Color lithograph, 1991-1992 Signed and numbered in pencil by the artist Edition 125 (14 /125) Publisher: Editions Jean Fournier and Edi...

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Gorbaty, Norman: Tree Provence

Gorbaty, Norman

Tree Provence

Drawing or watercolor, 2013.


Norman Gorbaty, Amer., (B. 1932), Tree Provence, Bistre Pen and Ink Drawing, 2013, 13-14/16 x 20-5/8, signed and dated at image lower right, on a f...

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Wood, Grant


Lithograph, 1937.


Wood, Grant. TREE PLANTING GROUP. Lithograph, 1937. Edition of 250 published by Associated American Artists. Signed and dated in pencil, lower righ...

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Tree in the Sun

CLAUS, Emile

Tree in the Sun

Lithograph, circa 1900.


Initialed in the stone, lower left. Signed and numbered in pencil. This is a fine impression of this stellar Belgian luminist print. Printed on a c...

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Tree Burst


Tree Burst

Other, 1958.


"Tree Burst," also known as "Waterfall," is a color paper relief print by American Abstract Expressionist printmaker, Edmond Casarella (1920-1996)....

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Van Keuren, Philip, Toward What Sun? Volume I, Aquatint| Intaglio| Photograph

Van Keuren, Philip

Toward What Sun? Volume I

Photograph, 2016.


"Toward What Sun?" is a portfolio of ten photogravures, housed in a cloth- covered case with letterpress-printed title page and colophon. The title...

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BAUMANN, Gustave: Torrey Pine

BAUMANN, Gustave

Torrey Pine

Woodcut, 1961.


"Torrey Pine" is a color woodcut created in 1961 by American printmaker Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). It is pencil signed, titled, dated and edition...

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Swanewelt, Herman van: Tobias Startled by the Fish

Swanewelt, Herman van

Tobias Startled by the Fish

Etching, circa 1640.


Herman van Swanewelt (Netherlands) 1603-1655 "Tobias Startled by the Fish". Etching, c. 1640. From the "Old Testament series". Hollstein 3, iii/IV....

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Resika, Paul: Through the Trees-Yellow

Resika, Paul

Through the Trees-Yellow

Etching, 1998.


A classic graphic etching by Paul Resika. Paul Resika is best known for his paintings of iconic Provincetown forms. His influences include Abstract...

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Gorbaty, Norman: Three Trees

Gorbaty, Norman

Three Trees

Drawing or watercolor, 2011.


Norman Gorbaty, Amer., (B. 1932), Three Trees, Pen and Bistre Ink Drawing, 2011, 13-13/16 x 19-7/16, sheet 16 x 21, signed and dated in ink lower r...

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Waterloo, Anthonie: The Village on the Hill

Waterloo, Anthonie

The Village on the Hill

Etching, 1650.


Anthonie Waterloo (Netherlands) 1610-1690 "The Village on the Hill" (Die ortschaft auf dem Hugel) Etching, 1650. Uncommon. Bartsch 92; Hollstein 92...

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The Terrace

CANALETTO Antonio Canal, called

The Terrace

Etching, 18th century.


Bromberg 24, second state of three, still with the signature A fine, bright impression with small margins all round. A minor repair in the lower le...

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BERNDT, Siegfried: The Snowy Garden

BERNDT, Siegfried

The Snowy Garden

Woodcut, no date.


"Der Verschneiter Garten" (descriptive German title) Color woodcut printed on thin Japan laid paper. Edition unknown, but certainly small. We w...

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