Happy Hour

Eric Knight

Eric Knight, Amer., (B. 1956) Happy Hour, Pen and India Ink Drawing, 2017, 8 x 4, signed, titled and dated in ink in bottom margin , on white wove bristol board paper. Contemporary artist Eric Knight works in both pen and ink as well as collage , but producing just a few works each year. His small, elaborate and intensely intricate ink drawings are drawn with crow quill pen and india ink on a heavy weight white wove bristol paper. He uses a magnifying glass and has evolved a slow, exacting, labor intensive drawing technique of dots, dashes, hatch marks and shifts of value reversal to orchestrate a complex and very personal world of his own invention. Mastering his virtuoso technique over a lifetime study of old masters such as Durer, Blake, Palmer and Calvert, as well as 19th century masters of wood engraving, Knight has created a dark world both contemporary and medieval; dense with majestic, spreading trees and towering architecture, enveloped with tangled thickets and lush, creeping vines, all illuminated by a radiant, otherworldly light. This world is discreetly inhabited by both humans, animals and supernatural beings, their interactions both harmonious and problematic, all reflecting Knight's synthesis of myriad historic and cultural touchstones of the past, and musings on those our volatile present. Other works may be viewed by request.

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