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Myrtle Beach, SC

Keith Sheridan is a private dealer specializing in mid-century American, and European fine prints and related works on paper. Formerly an award-winning graphic designer and a print collector, he is focused on providing iconic and innovative modernist works of exceptional merit, historic importance, and enduring value. His extensive archive of available works embraces the genres of Modernist Representation and Abstraction, Impressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, and Social Realism. Represented subjects include a special emphasis on non-objective, urban/industrial, and New York City images, with a noteworthy selection of American works from the WPA era. Inquiries are welcome; consultations are available. Member, International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA).

Keith Sheridan
Gikow, Ruth, Flood, Screenprint

Gikow, Ruth


Screenprint, circa 1939.


Ruth Gikow (1915-1982), 'Flood', color serigraph, c. 1939, edition c. 25. Signed and titled in pencil. Annotated with the WPA number 'G-9100' in pe...

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Scott, John Tarrell , Storm's Coming, Woodcut

Scott, John Tarrell

Storm's Coming

Woodcut, 1992.


John Tarrell Scott (1940-2007), 'Storm's Coming', woodcut, 1992, edition 9. Signed, dated, titled, and numbered '3/9' in pencil. A fine, black impr...

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Gwathmey, Robert, Non-Fiction, Screenprint

Gwathmey, Robert


Screenprint, 1945.


Robert Gwathmey (1903-1988), 'Non-Fiction', color serigraph, 1945, edition not stated. Signed in ink, in the image, lower left. A fine impression, ...

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Rantz, Sylvia Mayzer, Ninth Inning, Lithograph

Rantz, Sylvia Mayzer

Ninth Inning

Lithograph, 1949.


Sylvia Mayzer Rantz (b. 1927), 'Ninth Inning', lithograph, 1949, edition 24. Signed, dated, titled, and numbered '9/24' in pencil. A fine, richly-i...

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Mosca, August, Elevated Structure, Lithograph

Mosca, August

Elevated Structure

Lithograph, circa 1946-56.


August Mosca (1909-2002), 'Elevated Structure', lithograph, c. 1946-56, edition 50. Signed, titled, and numbered '28/50' in pencil. A fine, richly-...

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Panesis, Nicholas, Negro, Lithograph

Panesis, Nicholas


Lithograph, 1937.


Nicholas Panesis (1913-1967), 'Negro', 1937, color lithograph, edition c. 25. Signed and titled in pencil; initialed in the stone, lower right. A s...

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Leighton, Clare, Fat Stock Market, Wood engraving

Leighton, Clare

Fat Stock Market

Wood engraving, 1933.


Clare Leighton (1898-1989), 'Fat Stock Market', 1933, wood engraving, edition 100, Boston Public Library 217. Signed, titled, and numbered '11/100'...

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Landacre, Paul, Lot Cleaning, Los Angeles, Wood engraving

Landacre, Paul

Lot Cleaning, Los Angeles

Wood engraving, 1935.


Paul Landacre (1893-1963), 'Lot Cleaning, Los Angeles', wood engraving, edition 60, Zeitlin & Ver Brugge 69. Signed, titled, and numbered '51/6...

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Volz, Herman, Industrial Accident, Lithograph

Volz, Herman

Industrial Accident

Lithograph, 1942.


Herman Roderick Volz (1904-1990), 'Industrial Accident', lithograph, 1942, edition 20. Signed, titled, and numbered '16/20' in pencil. Signed in th...

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Hoover, Ellison, Washington Arch in Snow, Lithograph

Hoover, Ellison

Washington Arch in Snow

Lithograph, circa 1930.


Ellison Hoover, 'Washington Arch in Snow', lithograph, c. 1940, edition c. 40. A fine, atmospheric impression, on cream wove paper; the full sheet ...

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Tittle, Walter, Grand Central, Night, Drypoint

Tittle, Walter

Grand Central, Night

Drypoint, circa 1920s.


Walter Tittle (1883-1966), 'Grand Central Night', drypoint, edition not stated, c. 1920s. Signed in pencil. Titled, and annotated '36.00' and with ...

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Sawyer, Philip Ayer, Untitled (Strange Fruit), Lithograph

Sawyer, Philip Ayer

Untitled (Strange Fruit)

Lithograph, circa 1935.


Philip Ayer Sawyer, Untitled (Strange Fruit), lithograph (crayon with tusche), edition not stated. c. 1935. Signed in pencil. A fine, richly-inked ...

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Olds, Elizabeth, Harlem River Bridges, Screenprint

Olds, Elizabeth

Harlem River Bridges

Screenprint, 1940.


Edition c. 25, 1940. Signed, dated titled, and annotated 'Silk Screen' in pencil. Dated '1939 1940' in ink, in the bottom left sheet corner. A fine...

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Kelly, John Melville, Kanani (Hawaii), Drypoint

Kelly, John Melville

Kanani (Hawaii)

Drypoint, 1946.


John Melville Kelly, "Kanani (Hawaii)', drypoint, 1946, edition unknown. Signed, titled, and annotated 'No 36' in pencil. A fine, richly-inked impr...

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Rist, Luigi, Roses #2, Woodcut

Rist, Luigi

Roses #2

Woodcut, 1945.


Luigi Rist, 'Roses #2', woodcut, 1945, edition 150. Signed in ink, in the image, lower right. Titled in pencil, in the bottom left margin and numbe...

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Kloss, Gene, Riders at Sundown, Aquatint| Drypoint

Kloss, Gene

Riders at Sundown

Drypoint, 1953.


Gene Kloss, 'Riders at Sundown', aquatint and drypoint, 1953, edition 75. Signed and titled in pencil. A superb, richly-inked impression, in brown/...

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Landon, Edward, Counterpoint, Screenprint

Landon, Edward


Screenprint, 1942.


Signed and dated 1942 in pencil, edition 25, Ryan 45. A fine impression, with fresh colors, on cream wove paper, with full margins (5/8 to 1 3/8 in...

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Lewis, Martin, Rainy Day, Queens, Drypoint

Lewis, Martin

Rainy Day, Queens

Drypoint, 1931.


Martin Lewis, 'Rainy Day, Queens', drypoint, 1931, edition 70 (including 6 trial proofs). Signed in pencil. Signed in the plate, lower right. A sup...

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Geerlings, Gerald K., Black Magic, Aquatint| Etching


Black Magic

Etching, 1929.


Gerald K. Geerlings, 'Black Magic', etching and aquatint, 1929, edition 100. Signed in pencil; titled and annotated '(New York 1928)' in pencil, l...

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