Howey, Robert Leslie: Butterfly

Howey, Robert Leslie


Woodcut, c. 1930.


Robert Leslie Howey (British) 1900-1981 [Butterfly on flower petal]. Woodcut, c. 1930. Ed: Unknown but probably fewer than 100. Signed with pencil,...

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BOSWELL, Laura: Twelve Views: Brill Windmill


Twelve Views: Brill Windmill

Woodcut, no date.


Japanese color watercolor woodcut reduction, printed on wove paper. Edition of 20. Signed, dated and numbered in pencil.

FRANK, Leo: Sea Eagle


Sea Eagle

Woodcut, circa 1920.


"Seeadler" (original German title) Color woodcut on thin Japan paper, circa 1920. Edition unknown, but likely small. Signed in pencil.

LUM, Bertha: Road to the Forest

LUM, Bertha

Road to the Forest

Woodcut, 1905.


"Road to the Forest," also known as "Carmel Cottages," is a color woodcut by American artist Bertha Lum (1869-1954). It is pencil inscribed within ...

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HAAS, Hildegarde: September Frost

HAAS, Hildegarde

September Frost

Woodcut, 1949.


"September Frost" is a color woodcut created in 1949 by American artist Hildegarde Haas (1926-2002). It is pencil signed, titled, dated and edition...

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BAUMANN, Gustave: Torrey Pine

BAUMANN, Gustave

Torrey Pine

Woodcut, 1961.


"Torrey Pine" is a color woodcut created in 1961 by American printmaker Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). It is pencil signed, titled, dated and edition...

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PLATT, John Edgar: Snow in Springtime

PLATT, John Edgar

Snow in Springtime

Woodcut, 1919.


"Snow in Springtime" is a color woodcut created in 1919 by British printmaker John Edgar Platt (1886-1967). It is pencil signed, titled, and editio...

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BAUMANN, Gustave: Singing Wood

BAUMANN, Gustave

Singing Wood

Woodcut, 1928.


"Singing Wood" is a color woodcut by American master printmaker, Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). It was printed in 1928 and is from the first edition....

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PATTERSON, Margaret Jordan: "Summer Clouds" Sold


Summer Clouds

Woodcut, circa 1918.

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"Summer Clouds" Color woodcut, c. 1918 9 in. x 11 14 in. (229 mm x 260 mm) No stated edition Unframed A fine impression with good colors and margins

MAZUR, Michael: Pond Edge IV

MAZUR, Michael

Pond Edge IV

Woodcut, 2005.


This is the most complex of Mazur's Pond Edge series of prints. It is a technical tour de force employing four major printmaking media: etching/aqa...

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POSTMA, Grietje: 2017-I

POSTMA, Grietje


Woodcut, 2017.


Color reduction woodcut printed on wove paper. Edition of 24 artist's proofs. Signed, titled and annotated in pencil.

FLETCHER, Frank Morley: Meadowsweet Sold

FLETCHER, Frank Morley


Woodcut, circa 1910.

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Color woodcut on ivory laid Japan paper, circa 1910. Edition of 100. Signed, titled, and numbered in pencil. Image: 10 x 6 ? inches. The faintest ...

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POSTMA, Grietje, 2015-IV, Woodcut

POSTMA, Grietje


Woodcut, 2015.


Color reduction woodcut printed on wove paper. Edition of 30 artist's proofs. Signed, titled, numbered and annotated in pencil.

BERNDT, Siegfried: The Snowy Garden Sold

BERNDT, Siegfried

The Snowy Garden

Woodcut, no date.

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"Der Verschneiter Garten" (descriptive German title) Color woodcut printed on thin Japan laid paper. Edition unknown, but certainly small. We w...

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Ebbtide, Bodega Bay


Ebbtide, Bodega Bay

Woodcut, 2007.


"Ebbtide, Bodega Bay" is a relief print, a multi-block color woodcut, created in 2007 by American artist Micah Schwaberow (born 1948). It was print...

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