Howey, Robert Leslie: Butterfly

Howey, Robert Leslie


Woodcut, c. 1930.


Robert Leslie Howey (British) 1900-1981 [Butterfly on flower petal]. Woodcut, c. 1930. Ed: Unknown but probably fewer than 100. Signed with pencil,...

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CHAPRONT, Henry: Our Lady of the Night


Our Lady of the Night

Woodcut, 1924.


"Notre-Dame des Soirs" (original French title) Color woodcut on laid Japan paper. Reference: listed as missing from the BN-IFF. One of 5 impress...

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FRANK, Leo: Sea Eagle


Sea Eagle

Woodcut, circa 1920.


"Seeadler" (original German title) Color woodcut on thin Japan paper, circa 1920. Edition unknown, but likely small. Signed in pencil.

LUM, Bertha: Road to the Forest

LUM, Bertha

Road to the Forest

Woodcut, 1905.


"Road to the Forest," also known as "Carmel Cottages," is a color woodcut by American artist Bertha Lum (1869-1954). It is pencil inscribed within ...

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YOSHIDA, Chizuko: Rain B

YOSHIDA, Chizuko

Rain B

Woodcut, circa 1953.


"Rain B" is a color woodcut by Japanese Sosaku Hanga modernist printmaker Chizuko Yoshida (1924-2017), created about 1953. It is pencil signed and ...

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HAAS, Hildegarde: September Frost

HAAS, Hildegarde

September Frost

Woodcut, 1949.


"September Frost" is a color woodcut created in 1949 by American artist Hildegarde Haas (1926-2002). It is pencil signed, titled, dated and edition...

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BAUMANN, Gustave: Torrey Pine

BAUMANN, Gustave

Torrey Pine

Woodcut, 1961.


"Torrey Pine" is a color woodcut created in 1961 by American printmaker Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). It is pencil signed, titled, dated and edition...

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RIST, Luigi: Sea Shell and Garlic

RIST, Luigi

Sea Shell and Garlic

Woodcut, 1947.


Signed in ink, lower right, within the image. Titled in pencil. Here we have a very fine impression printed on thin Japanese paper. The margins are...

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ISAAC, Prosper Alphonse: Les trois poussins

ISAAC, Prosper Alphonse

Les trois poussins

Woodcut, circa 1914.


Menu featuring three chicks executed in color woodcut. Signed with a cramponnée in black in and monogram stamp in red.

LORD, Elyse Ashe: My Dress

LORD, Elyse Ashe

My Dress

Woodcut, circa 1920.


"My Dress" is a mixed technique print, an aquatint and drypoint with hand-applied color via woodcut, by British printmaker Elyse Ashe Lord (1885-19...

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PLATT, John Edgar: Snow in Springtime

PLATT, John Edgar

Snow in Springtime

Woodcut, 1919.


"Snow in Springtime" is a color woodcut created in 1919 by British printmaker John Edgar Platt (1886-1967). It is pencil signed, titled, and editio...

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BAUMANN, Gustave: Singing Wood

BAUMANN, Gustave

Singing Wood

Woodcut, 1928.


"Singing Wood" is a color woodcut by American master printmaker, Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). It was printed in 1928 and is from the first edition....

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HOPKINS, Edna Boies: "The Mountaineer"

HOPKINS, Edna Boies

The Mountaineer

Woodcut, 1917.


Hopkins, Edna Boies (1872-1937) "The Mountaineer" Color woodcut, 1917 10 1/16 in. x 9 1/16 in. (256 mm x 230 mm) Edition of c.20 Catalogue Referen...

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RIST, Luigi: "A Garden opal"

RIST, Luigi

A Garden Opal

Woodcut, 1943.


"A Garden Opal" (ARTS AND CRAFTS) color woodcut, 1943 9 1/8 in. x 13 15/16 in. (232 mm x 354 mm) Edition of 150 Catalogue Reference: Williams 14 Fr...

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HANLON, Kate: "Roof Shovelers"


Roof Shovelers

Woodcut, 2015.


"Roof Shovelers" (ARTS AND CRAFTS) White line color woodcut, 2015 12 in. x 12 in. (305 mm x 305 mm) Edition of 25 Unframed Availability: In Stock ...

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HANLON, Kate: "Dinner Time"


Dinner Time

Woodcut, 2018.


"Dinnertime" (ARTS AND CRAFTS) White line color woodcut, 2018 5 5/8 in. x 8 in. (143 mm x 203 mm) Edition of 25, Number: #3 Unframed Availability:...

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Keith, Elizabeth: Black and White

Keith, Elizabeth

Black and White

Woodcut, 1925.


Very fine impression, color and condition

DE LEMOS, Pedero Joseph: Waiting for the Breeze

LEMOS, Pedro Joseph de

Waiting for the Breeze

Woodcut, 1925.


This is a fine, luminous impression printed on Japanese paper. The margins are wide and probably full. The condition is very good apart from a soft...

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Rist, Luigi, Roses #2, Woodcut

Rist, Luigi

Roses #2

Woodcut, 1945.


Luigi Rist, 'Roses #2', woodcut, 1945, edition 150. Signed in ink, in the image, lower right. Titled in pencil, in the bottom left margin and numbe...

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