City Views & City Life

Cities and the lives they contain.  Every time you think you have seen it before, an artist comes along and catches a vantage point, a moment of light, or that in-action shot you had never conceived of before.  Here's an ode to urban.
Mosca, August, Elevated Structure, Lithograph

Mosca, August

Elevated Structure

Lithograph, circa 1946-56.


August Mosca (1909-2002), 'Elevated Structure', lithograph, c. 1946-56, edition 50. Signed, titled, and numbered '28/50' in pencil. A fine, richly-...

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Tittle, Walter, Grand Central, Night, Drypoint

Tittle, Walter

Grand Central, Night

Drypoint, circa 1920s.


Walter Tittle (1883-1966), 'Grand Central Night', drypoint, edition not stated, c. 1920s. Signed in pencil. Titled, and annotated '36.00' and with ...

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Hoover, Ellison, Washington Arch in Snow, Lithograph

Hoover, Ellison

Washington Arch in Snow

Lithograph, circa 1930.


Ellison Hoover, 'Washington Arch in Snow', lithograph, c. 1940, edition c. 40. A fine, atmospheric impression, on cream wove paper; the full sheet ...

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Olds, Elizabeth, Harlem River Bridges, Screenprint

Olds, Elizabeth

Harlem River Bridges

Screenprint, 1940.


Edition c. 25, 1940. Signed, dated titled, and annotated 'Silk Screen' in pencil. Dated '1939 1940' in ink, in the bottom left sheet corner. A fine...

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Lewis, Martin, Rainy Day, Queens, Drypoint

Lewis, Martin

Rainy Day, Queens

Drypoint, 1931.


Martin Lewis, 'Rainy Day, Queens', drypoint, 1931, edition 70 (including 6 trial proofs). Signed in pencil. Signed in the plate, lower right. A sup...

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Geerlings, Gerald K., Black Magic, Aquatint| Etching


Black Magic

Etching, 1929.


Gerald K. Geerlings, 'Black Magic', etching and aquatint, 1929, edition 100. Signed in pencil; titled and annotated '(New York 1928)' in pencil, l...

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Cook, Howard, Chrysler Building, Wood engraving

Cook, Howard

Chrysler Building

Wood engraving, 1930.


Chrysler Building (Chrysler Building in Construction), 1930, wood engraving, edition 75 (only 50 printed), Duffy 122. Signed, dated, and annotated ...

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Cadmus, Paul: Coney Island

Cadmus, Paul

Coney Island

Etching, 1935.


Signed in pencil. Annotated 'Edition of 50 – 1935' in the artist’s hand, bottom left margin. Johnson and Miller 81. A superb, richly-inked impress...

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Brussel-Smith, Bernard: Allen Street El

Brussel-Smith, Bernard

Allen Street El

Wood engraving, 1941.


Allen Street El', 1941, chiaroscuro wood engraving (grey and black), edition 140. Signed, titled, and numbered 84/140 in pencil. Signed and dated i...

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