Belle Epoque & Art Deco

ISAAC, Prosper Alphonse: Les trois poussins

ISAAC, Prosper Alphonse

Les trois poussins

Woodcut, circa 1914.


Menu featuring three chicks executed in color woodcut. Signed with a cramponnée in black in and monogram stamp in red.

Wortzel, Adrianne: Corinthian Capital 2

Wortzel, Adrianne

Corinthian Capital 2

Etching, 2000.


Adrianne Wortzel creates unique and innovative work exploring historical and cultural perspectives. Corinthian Capital 2 is a large dramatic media...

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Wortzel, Adrianne: Corinthian Capital 3

Wortzel, Adrianne

Corinthian Capital 3

Etching, 2000.


Adrianne Wortzel creates unique and innovative work exploring historical and cultural perspectives. Corinthian Capital 3 is a large dramatic medita...

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Wortzel, Adrienne: Corinthian Capital 1

Wortzel, Adrienne

Corinthian Capital 1

Etching, 2000.


Adrianne Wortzel creates unique and innovative work exploring historical and cultural perspectives. Corinthian Capital 1 is a large dramatic medit...

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Azara, Nancy: Wilder Witch Hazel 2

Azara, Nancy

Wilder Witch Hazel 2

Monotype, 2108.


Nancy Azara is interested in time in relation to memory, personal history and her own mortality. In this series of aquatints she uses the leaf as a...

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VALLOTTON, Félix: Le Bain


Le Bain

Woodcut, 1894.


Félix Vallotton (1865-1925). Fine impression, 135 x 85 mm., Vallotton & Goerg 144, on laid paper with full margins, as contained in a copy of ...

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Robbe, Manuel: Nocturne (Le Flirt)

Robbe, Manuel

Nocturne (Le Flirt)

Aquatint, circa 1905.


Manuel Robbe (France) 1872-1939 "Nocturne" (Le Flirt). Aquatint, c. 1905. Merrill-Chase 62. Ref. "Prints About Prints", Diane Ewan Wolfe...

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James Jacques Tissot - Le Banc de Jardin - Garden Bench - mezzotint - 1er etat - first state - rich burr


The Garden Bench

Mezzotint, 1883.


Le Banc de Jardin (original French title) Mezzotint printed in warm black ink on thick wove paper.Reference: Wentworth 75.Extremely scarce early st...

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KOEMAN, Kees: Fallow Deer


Fallow Deer

Woodcut, circa 1920.


"Damhert" (original Dutch title) Woodcut on wove paper, mounted in the top corner onto another sheet. Edition unknown, but likely small. This cou...

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CHAHINE, Edgar: Gaby



Drypoint, 1901.


Drypoint on Arches laid paper. Reference: Tabanelli 71. Second state of two, after the plate was cut down at the bottom. Total edition of 70, some...

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GUERARD, Henri: Calender for 1884


Calender for 1884

Etching, 1883.


"Calendrier pour 1884" (original French title) Etching and drypoint on laid paper. Reference: Bertin 397. Forth state of five, before letters.

RANFT,  Richard: "Acrobat de Cirque"

RANFT, Richard

Acrobat de Cirque

Aquatint, circa 1910.


"Acrobat de Cirque" Color Aquatint , 1910 14 3/4 in. x 11 1/2 in. (375 mm x 292 mm) No stated edition Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $1800...

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MAURIN, Charles: "Un Ami Indifferent"

MAURIN, Charles

Un Ami Indifferent

Aquatint, circa 1910.


"Un Ami Indifferent" Color aquatint , c. 1910 9 1/8 in. x 7 3/4 in. (232 mm x 197 mm) Edition of 50 Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $1500 ...

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DELATRE, Eugene: "Femme aux Gants"


Femme aux Gants

Aquatint, 1902.


"Femme aux Gants" Color Aquatint, 1902 12 3/4 in. x 10 in. (324 mm x 254 mm) Edition of 50 Unframed Availability: In Stock Price: $5500

MULLER, Alfredo : Devant la rampe

MULLER, Alfredo

Devant la rampe

Etching, 1897.


Koehl E11. Signed in pencil, edition size unknown. Colour impressions are also found. A fine impression printed on textured laid paper with Auvergn...

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LABOUREUR, Jean-Emile: January in the Omnibus


January in the Omnibus

Drawing or watercolor, 1902.


Jean-Emile Laboureur (1877-1943). Original drawing in watercolor over pencil, 1902, 243 x 243 mm. Fine, finished watercolor on cream wove paper, si...

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BONNARD, Pierre: Conversation



Lithograph, 1893.


Lithograph printed in bistre-black on smooth wove paper. References: Roger-Marx 28; Bouvet 28. Edition of 100. Published by Edouard Kleinmann, Pari...

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KENT, Rockwell: "Self Portrait"

KENT, Rockwell

Self Portrait

Lithograph, 1934.


Kent, Rockwell (1882-1971) "Self Portrait" Lithograph, 1934 13 3/8 in. x 9 3/8 in. (340 mm x 238 mm) Edition of 150 Catalogue Reference: Burne-Jon...

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KENT, Rockwell: "The Lovers"

KENT, Rockwell

The Lovers

Wood engraving, 1928.


"The Lovers" Wood engraving, 1928 6 7/16 in. x 10 1/16 in. (164 mm x 256 mm) Edition of 100 Catalogue Reference: Burne-Jones 23 Unframed Availabil...

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DELÂTRE, Eugène  (1864-1939), Silhouette de Femme, Aquatint| Etching


Silhouette de Femme

Etching, circa 1895.


Eugène Delâtre (1864-1938) Dramatic portrait in etching and aquatint, ca. 1895, 327 x 257 mm., Bibliothèque Nationale Inventaire undescribed. This ...

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LUCE, Maximilien, Saint-Tropez, Lithograph

LUCE, Maximilien


Lithograph, 1897.


Color lithograph on chine-collé on thick wove paper. Ref: Bibliothèque Nationale - Inventaire du Fonds Français 30. Total edition of 60, of which 2...

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