Peterdi, Gabor: Death of the Matador Sold

Peterdi, Gabor

Death of the Matador

Engraving, 1939.

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Gabor Peterdi, Amer., (1915-1991), Death of the Matador, Engraving, 1939, Ed. probably 57 plus AP's, J. 18, not stated, 9-5/16 x 11-11/16, one of ...

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Chagall, Marc: Maternite Au Centaur

Chagall, Marc

Maternite Au Centaur

Lithograph, 1957.


Marc Chagall, Russ.-Fr., (1887-1985), Marc Chagall, Russ.-Fr., (1887-1985), Maternitie Au Centaur, Color Lithograph, 1957, an artist's proof from ...

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KOEMAN, Kees: Fallow Deer


Fallow Deer

Woodcut, circa 1920.


"Damhert" (original Dutch title) Woodcut on wove paper, mounted in the top corner onto another sheet. Edition unknown, but likely small. This cou...

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GUERARD, Henri: Calender for 1884


Calender for 1884

Etching, 1883.


"Calendrier pour 1884" (original French title) Etching and drypoint on laid paper. Reference: Bertin 397. Forth state of five, before letters.

Mann, Kelvin: "R"

Mann, Kelvin


Etching, 2010.


The single letter "R", from the alphabet, illustrated by a rhinoceros. All letters are available, and the full set of 27 etchings in folio box is a...

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POSTMA, Grietje: 2017-I

POSTMA, Grietje


Woodcut, 2017.


Color reduction woodcut printed on wove paper. Edition of 24 artist's proofs. Signed, titled and annotated in pencil.

LEFNER, Dave: Tipsy Kitty


Tipsy Kitty

Linocut, 2020.


Color linocut reduction, printed from 7 colors, on wove paper. Edition of 10. Signed and numbered in pencil.

Pissarro, Orovida Camille: Young Siamese Cats

Pissarro, Orovida Camille

Young Siamese Cats

Etching, 1946.


Young Siamese Cats Etching, 1946 Signed, dated and titled in pencil Dedicated in pencil - "To John Rewald from Orovida To Francis from John" Plate ...

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Slonem, Hunt: Abrahams Peace Plan 2

Slonem, Hunt

Abrahams Peace Plan 2

Monoprint, 2013.


Hunt Slonem provided a digital image that served as the principle substrate image for the Abrahams Peace Plan-2 edition. The study was digitally ad...

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Slonem, Hunt: Fratillery-A

Slonem, Hunt


Monoprint, 2012.


Hunt Slonem prepared a watercolor study that served as the principle substrate image for his series of five hand painted monoprints titled Fratille...

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French, Ray H.: The Swan

French, Ray H.

The Swan

Intaglio, 1955.


The Swan Etching, Aquatint & Intaglio, 1955 Signed, dated, titled in pencil by the artist Dedicated "To Jon from Ray" (Jon Clemens, Master Pri...

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The Race

Benton, Thomas Hart

The Race

Lithograph, 1942.


Lithograph, 1942. Excellent condition, full margins. Edition of 250. Signed in pencil, lower right. Published by Associated American Artists, New Y...

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WHITMAN, George: Untitled (Dragonfly)


Untitled (Dragonfly)

Etching, 2020.


Known for his meticulously drawn works describing a fantastical view of nature, where flora and fauna exist in a dream-like landscape, George Whitm...

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RIVIERE, Henri: The Cliff


The Cliff

Lithograph, 1897.


"La Falaise" (original French title) Lithograph printed in 12 colors on smooth wove paper. References: Fields page 76, Le Stum page 68. Plate 3 fro...

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DE BYE, Marcus: Lions

BYE, Marcus de


Etching, 1664.


A set of eight. Hollstein 49-56, second state of three with the address of N. Visscher, the first publisher Fine early impressions with thread mar...

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Hodgell, Robert Overman: DANIEL AND THE LIONS.

Hodgell, Robert Overman


Linocut, circa 1950s.


Hodgell, Robert Overman (American, 1920-2000). DANIEL AND THE LIONS. Linocut, not dated. Edition size not known. Titled and signed in pencil. 20 x ...

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Slonem, Hunt: Lucky Charm

Slonem, Hunt

Lucky Charm

Screenprint, 1997.


Having created 83 fine print editions and monoprints since 1994, Hunt Slonem is one of Stewart & Stewart's most prolific artists. The Lucky Cha...

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