ESTEBE, Michel: Kingfisher

ESTEBE, Michel


Mezzotint, 2020.


Color mezzotint and drypoint on wove paper. Edition of 30. Signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil. PLEASE NOTE: this print is currently on i...

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ROUVIÈRE, Daniel: "Au courses"


Au courses

Etching, 1942.


Épreuve d'artiste. Signed and dated in plate. Signed, dated and annotated "Epr. d'artiste" in pencil in margin.

SOMM, Henri: "Femme assise au poisson"

SOMM, Henri

Femme assise au poisson

Drypoint, circa 1883.


Drypoint printed on simili Japan parchement 3rd State/? Edition of 2 Signed and annotated "3eme état 2 épreuves" in pencil in margin.

ISAAC, Prosper Alphonse: Les trois poussins

ISAAC, Prosper Alphonse

Les trois poussins

Woodcut, circa 1914.


Menu featuring three chicks executed in color woodcut. Signed with a cramponnée in black in and monogram stamp in red.

Desmazières, Erik: L'Oiseau de Minerve


L'Oiseau de Minerve

Etching, 2015.


L'Oiseau de Minerve, 2015 etching, roulette and aquatint Editon of 60 The trompe l'oeil setting for the owl recalls the imaginary alphabet create...

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GUERARD, Henri: Calender for 1884


Calender for 1884

Etching, 1883.


"Calendrier pour 1884" (original French title) Etching and drypoint on laid paper. Reference: Bertin 397. Forth state of five, before letters.

Pissarro, Orovida Camille: Young Siamese Cats

Pissarro, Orovida Camille

Young Siamese Cats

Etching, 1946.


Young Siamese Cats Etching, 1946 Signed, dated and titled in pencil Dedicated in pencil - "To John Rewald from Orovida To Francis from John" Plate ...

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RIVIERE, Henri: The Cliff


The Cliff

Lithograph, 1897.


"La Falaise" (original French title) Lithograph printed in 12 colors on smooth wove paper. References: Fields page 76, Le Stum page 68. Plate 3 fro...

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TAQUOY, Maurice: Pointer Dogs

TAQUOY, Maurice

Pointer Dogs

Etching, 1907.


"Chiens d’Arrêt" (original French title) Aquatint and soft-ground etching printed in color on wove paper. Likely an edition of 50. The dogs depict...

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HECHT, Joseph

Large Bison

Engraving, 1934.


"Grand Bison (grande planche)" (original French title) Pure-line engraving on laid Monval paper. Reference: Tonneau-Ryckelynck & Plumart 247....

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The Top of a Door

Etching, 1852.


"Le Haut d’un Battant de Porte" (original Franch title) Etching on Aqua-Fortistes laid paper. Reference: Beraldi 110 iv-v/v; Bouillon viii/x. Our ...

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ESTEBE, Michel

Tawny Owl

Mezzotint, 2017.


"Chouette Hulotte" (original French title) Color mezzotint printed on wove paper. Edition of 60. Signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil.


ESTEBE, Michel

Japanese Parasol

Mezzotint, 2019.


"Ombrelle" (original French title) Color mezzotint on wove paper. Edition of 60. Signed, titled and numbered in pencil.

La Dame aux Cygnes

Buhot, Félix

La Dame aux Cygnes

Etching, 1879.


Etching, drypoint and roulette. Bourcard/Goodfriend 144, iii/III. Signed with the large red owl stamp (Lugt 977).

Le jockey


Le jockey

Lithograph, 1899.


Lothograph. Delteil 279, Adhéman 365, Wittrock 308, i/II. Edition of about 70, this state (of which Wittrock notes that 17 impressions are in publi...

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Grenouilles et iris

HOUDARD, Charles-Louis

Grenouilles et iris

Aquatint, 1894.


Published in "L'Estampe Originale" Album VIII in an edition of 100. Color aquatint. Blind stamped in margin. Red monogram stamp in image. Signed ...

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