JOHNSON, Lester: Springtime 87


Springtime 87

Etching, 1987.


American painter and printmaker, Lester Johnson (1919-2010), was one of the first artists Center Street Studio published when it opened it doors i...

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ALTDORFER, Albrecht: Dido



Engraving, circa 1520-30.


Albrecht Altdorfer (ca.1480-1538). Engraving, Bartsch 42, Hollstein 48, Winzinger 159 a (of c), 64 x 38 mm., ex collections: Gustav von Rath (Lug...

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LEE-HANKEY, William: A Son of France


A Son of France

Etching, 1913.


William Lee-Hankey (1869-1952). Etching and drypoint, 200 x 130 mm., from the edition of 50, Hardie 115, pencil signed and with the artist's blind...

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BONASONE, Giulio: The Wounded Scipio


The Wounded Scipio

Engraving, circa 1540.


Giulio Bonasone (ca.1510-ca. 1576). Engraving, 200 x 270 mm., Bartsch 81 only state. A very good and clear impression, lacking the intense black...

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Benton, Thomas Hart: Wreck of the  Ol' '97

Benton, Thomas Hart

Wreck of the Ol' '97

Lithograph, 1944.


Mint condition with full margins. Edition: 250. This is Benton's rendition in print of a famous folk song from the 1920s. According to the song, ...

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Benton, Thomas Hart: Sunday Morning

Benton, Thomas Hart

Sunday Morning

Lithograph, 1939.


Edition: 250. Mint condition, full margins. "Made from a drawing in South Arkansas, 1938. A characteristic negro church of the time," Benton said.

Benton, Thomas Hart: In the Ozarks

Benton, Thomas Hart

In the Ozarks

Lithograph, 1938.


Alternate title "Homestead." Full margins. Mint condition. Ed: 250

DeMartelly, John: Ride a Cock Horse


Ride a Cock Horse

Lithograph, 1939.


This print has full margins and is in mint condition. John S. DeMartelly was discovered by Thomas Hart Benton. He was born in Philadelphia, but Be...

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DeMartelly, John : Old Moon


Old Moon

Lithograph, 1941.


This print has full margins and is in mint condition. John S. DeMartelly was discovered by Thomas Hart Benton. He was born in Philadelphia, but Be...

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Alps, Glen: Figures

Alps, Glen


Etching, 1956.


Edition: 12 Glen Alps was one of the most innovative printmakers to come from the Northwest Coast. He was quite respected in the print world.

Nesbitt, Jackson Lee: Teeming Ingots

Nesbitt, Jackson Lee

Teeming Ingots

Etching, 1938.


Edition: 60. Titled lower left "Teeming," signed "Jackson Lee Nesbitt" lower right and dated '38. This wonderfully dramatic Industrial print was ...

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Hartung, Hans: Abstract

Hartung, Hans


Lithograph, 1949.


Edition: 100. Hartung graphic work no. 62. An extremely rare and important color lithograph from the very earliest period of Hartung's graphic wo...

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Reed, Doel: Rio Grande

Reed, Doel

Rio Grande

Aquatint, 1971.


Edition: 30. Doel Reed is known as the 20th Century master of the aquatint. This rich impression of the Rio Grande gorge in Northern New Mexico is...

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DAVIDSON, Sari: Tender Nectar


Tender Nectar

Stencil or pochoir, 2019.


As the title implies, this lovely monoprint by Sari Davidson, depicts a delicately rendered butterfly gently flying through some flowers, collectin...

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BOWLING, Katherine: Maples (B&W)

BOWLING, Katherine

Maples (B&W)

Etching, 1996.


A superb example of spit-bite aquatint, this print has been created from 5 copper etched plates, each printed in variations of transparent black, t...

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ZUPANC, Terri: Untitled (Night Sea)


Untitled (Night Sea)

Etching, 1997.


Four large copper plates, each etched with aquatint, soft-ground and burnishing, are printed in deep tones of purple, blue, maroon, and green to cr...

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GIPE, Lawrence: Steam's Up

GIPE, Lawrence

Steam's Up

Etching, 1995.


Rarely on the market, this lovely print by LA artist Lawrence Gipe, is printed from one hand sanded and burnished black aquatint plate, with over-p...

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COWIN, Jack: Brown Trout


Brown Trout

Etching, 1995.


In this large print of a Brown Trout, the Canadian artist, Jack Cowin, has meticulously hand-painted all the color elements over the rich, lush bla...

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ROW, David: Clio & Calliope

ROW, David

Clio & Calliope

Intaglio, 2000.


This richly colored mixed-media intaglio print, is from a series of nine prints of the same size, relating to the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology. Mr...

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ROSENQUIST, James: Carousel



Aquatint, 1978.


Color aquatint