Hartung, Hans: Abstract

Hartung, Hans


Lithograph, 1949.


Edition: 100. Hartung graphic work no. 62. An extremely rare and important color lithograph from the very earliest period of Hartung's graphic wo...

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ROW, David: Clio & Calliope

ROW, David

Clio & Calliope

Intaglio, 2000.


This richly colored mixed-media intaglio print, is from a series of nine prints of the same size, relating to the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology. Mr...

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ROSENQUIST, James: Carousel



Aquatint, 1978.


Color aquatint

Freeman, Joanne: Covers # 1 Viridian

Freeman, Joanne

Covers # 1 Viridian

Aquatint, 2017.


"Covers 1 Viridian" is a richly printed hard edged abstract aquatint inspired by mid-century modernism and Jazz album covers of the 1960's and 70's...

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Michael, Creighton: Fabrique #4

Michael, Creighton

Fabrique #4

Monotype, 2019.


"Fabrique 4" is a subtly beautiful and mysterious multiple plate etched monoprint, using random printing techniques to achieve an intricate yet del...

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Schiff, John: A Distinguised Personage

Schiff, John

A Distinguised Personage

Monotype, 2016.


John Schiff has been an artist and a renowned award-winning architect for decades. His knowledge and love for information and material fundamentall...

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Feldstein, Peter: #527

Feldstein, Peter


Intaglio, 1998.


Photogravure, edition of 10. Published by Galamander Press. Peter Feldstein (1942-2017) was a photographer who taught for many years at the Univers...

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VAN HEEMSKERCK, Jacoba: Composition 1


Composition 1

Lithograph, 1919.


Signed and numbered "7" in pencil. Here we have a fine impression with full margins. The condition is excellent. This rare print is the only abstra...

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Seidl, Claire: Bygones

Seidl, Claire


Monotype, 2016.


Claire Seidl is best known as an abstract painter. Her series of monoprints displays the variation and energy of her artwork: combining elements of...

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Welden, Dan: Broad Spectrum

Welden, Dan

Broad Spectrum

Hand Colored, 2009.


Dan Welden, (B. 1941), Broad Spectrum, Solar Plate Etching, 2009, a unique Hand Colored impression outside a small Edition, 11 x 14, signed, tit...

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Welden, Dan: Denver Moment

Welden, Dan

Denver Moment

Other, 2006.


Dan Welden, Amer., (Contemporary) "Denver Moment", Solar Plate Etching, 2006, with Hand Coloring, unique impression outside the Ed. of 15, . 15-7/...

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Stanczak, Julian: Centered Rings

Stanczak, Julian

Centered Rings

Screenprint, 1971.


Centered Rings Screen print, 1971 Signed and numbered in pencil From: Twelve Progressions Commissioned by Martha Jackson Graphics Printer: Domberge...

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Justis, Gary


Photograph, 2019.


"Below" is an archival pigment print printed in an edition of three. The piece can also be printed in a larger size. Justis’ photographs are extens...

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Cielo Azzuro

Judge, Mary

Cielo Azzuro

Intaglio, 2016.


"Cielo Azzuro" is an etching and aquatint printed in blue-green on Somerset Soft White paper. It is a unique print and is designated as State Proof...

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Benton, Thomas Hart: "Making Camp"

Benton, Thomas Hart

Making Camp

Lithograph, 1972.


Huge Margins , Fath 86, 250 or less


Davidson, Jack


Woodcut, 2016.


In this woodcut, printed in cadmium red and black inks on Somerset Satin paper, the artist riffs on the famous photograph of David Bowie in an outf...

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LUNDSAGER, Eva: Constellation #41


Constellation #41

Monotype, 2017.


This is a watercolor monotype from a series made in 2017. The image measures 24 x 19 inches. The artist paints the images and frosted mylar plates,...

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Ballinglen IV

Smelser, Sarah

Ballinglen IV

Monotype, 2016.


"Ballinglen IV" is a monotype with chine collé, printed on Kitakata kozo paper mounted to Folio paper with a white border on all sides of the image...

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WONG, Janine: Color Equation 6

WONG, Janine

Color Equation 6

Monoprint, 2019.


Janine Wong is an artist, architect and graphic designer. Her Color Equation series incorporates several different printing techniques as well as d...

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Thacher, Anita, Effigy 13, Monoprint

Thacher, Anita

Effigy 13

Monoprint, 2015.


"Effigy 13" is an intense, painterly abstract monotype print with vigorous brush strokes printed on 100% cotton rag paper. Anita Thacher was a New...

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Moser, Jill


Aquatint, 2019.


"Benibana" is one of six color aquatints comprising Jill Moser's "Chroma Six" suite. Printed on Arnhem paper in an edition of 20. The prints in the...

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