Bear Back

Peregrine HONIG

Goldilocks, Goldilocks, what were you thinking ~ looking for love when you’d been drinking.

Lithograph with chine colle.

"This set is a three year project based on reinvented children’s stories. The piece is formal. Each situation is a fragile tragedy placed gently in a forced set. The “Forest” shifts through seasons of light to reveal the possible lives of familiar situations. Red Riding Hood is shrouded in Turkish brocade, burdened by the gestation of her loveless matrimony. Goldilocks is carried away by the consequences of poor decisions. Snow White is an addict and Hansel and Gretel lean forward, Arbus’s angels, barely obscuring their disarming bond. Rapunzel assumes a stance of defiant sexuality, a cloistered rebel cutting her hair to the quick. Cinderella watches her back, anticipating her own happy ending. Fairytales are posed to prepare tender ears for uncomfortable situations and resolve them to champion fear. Father Gander represents edited moments of adult projection and human conflict.”

– Peregrine Honig –

15 x 19 inches