Norrman, Gunnar: I Vardis

Norrman, Gunnar

I Vardis

Drypoint, 1976.


Signed, titled and numbered from the edition of 30. Gunnar Norrman's subjects — trees, flowers, land and seascapes - are filled with a poetic sile...

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Fuentes, Juan: Grains of Life

Fuentes, Juan

Grains of Life

Linocut, 2016.


color linocut, Signed, titled and numbered 6/16.

Mcmillan, Stephen: January Snow

Mcmillan, Stephen

January Snow

Etching, 2007.


This print recalls a scene in Bloedel Donovan Park, Lake Whatcom, Bellingham, Washington. A fresh dusting of snow is falling against the backdrop o...

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Houtin, Franc?ois: Hommage a Sullivan

Houtin, François

Hommage a Sullivan

Etching, 2001.


This print was an hommage to the architect Louis Sullivan, done after a trip to Chicago. While keeping the fantastical garden scenery, the image if...

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Desmazières, Erik: L'Oiseau de Minerve


L'Oiseau de Minerve

Etching, 2015.


L'Oiseau de Minerve, 2015 etching, roulette and aquatint Editon of 60 The trompe l'oeil setting for the owl recalls the imaginary alphabet create...

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Mann, Kelvin: "R"

Mann, Kelvin


Etching, 2010.


The single letter "R", from the alphabet, illustrated by a rhinoceros. All letters are available, and the full set of 27 etchings in folio box is a...

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Desmazières, Erik : La Bibliothèque de Babel


La Bibliothèque de Babel

Etching, 1998.


Complete suite of 10 prints and title page in soft cover portfolio. Erik Desmazieres’s fascination with the subject of books and libraries first ca...

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McMillan, Stephen: Haiku

McMillan, Stephen


Etching, 2013.


The mist settling over a mountain lake. Based on a view of Diablo Lake in the North Cascades National Park, WA. Signed and numbered etching with aq...

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Hiratsuka ,Yuji: Garden Talk

Hiratsuka , Yuji

Garden Talk

Intaglio, 2015.


Signed, titled and numberd from the edition of 40. While the images have some resemblance to traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, their sense of...

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Hiratsuka, Yuji: Radiant Plant

Hiratsuka, Yuji

Radiant Plant

Intaglio, 2017.


Signed and numbered from the edition of 10. Printed on Chine colle. Yuji Hiratsuka was born 1954 in Osaka, Japan. In 1985 he moved to the United S...

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Desmazières, Erik : L'Atelier Georges Leblanc


L'Atelier Georges Leblanc

Etching, 2020.


The Atelier Leblanc, with its beautiful adjoining courtyard, was where Erik first began working with René Tazé ; Meckseper and Hamaguchi also print...

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Magallanes, Oscar: West Coast Machiavelli

Magallanes, Oscar

West Coast Machiavelli

Screenprint, 2013.


Signed and numbered from the edition of 49. Oscar Magallanes’ print of the iconic Hip Hop figure Tupac Shakur. Magallanes’ piece is part of an ong...

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Hazelwood, Art: The Beast of Hate

Hazelwood, Art

The Beast of Hate

Linocut, 2008.


Signed, titled and numbered from the edition of 15. Designed for the homeless advocacy organization WRAP: Western Regional Advocacy Project. A cre...

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Hazelwood, Art: Cultured Woman - Tokyo

Hazelwood, Art

Cultured Woman - Tokyo

Woodcut, 2007.


Signed and numbered color woodcut from the edition of 15. Modern woman in Tokyo. Art Hazelwood calls himself artist, instigator and impresario to ...

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Bardon, Jean : Winter Iris

Bardon, Jean

Winter Iris

Hand Colored, 2012.


The formality, ornamental qualities and boldness of botanical art strongly influence Bardon's art. It is easy to see her inspiration in the pattern...

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Trignac, Gerard : La Porte Cailhau

Trignac, Gerard

La Porte Cailhau

Etching, 1999.


The surreal quality of Trignac's print are in full evidence here, with the chaos of an abandoned library, with papers flying from the breeze of ope...

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Trignac, Gerard : Le Defile des fous

Trignac, Gerard

Le Defile des fous

Etching, 1986.


Gerard Trignac was born in 1955, and initially trained to become an architect - training which is evident in his imagined cityscapes. Each of his p...

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Houtin, François: Ricordo di Palermo

Houtin, François

Ricordo di Palermo

Etching, 2002.


François Houtin was born in Craon en Mayenne, France in 1950. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1971. He was trained as a landscape architect,...

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Fuentes, Juan: Puma

Fuentes, Juan


Linocut, 2013.


As a cultural activist/artist/printmaker, Juan Fuentes has dedicated his career to being part of a global movement for social change. His works add...

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