YOSHIDA, Chizuko: Rain B

YOSHIDA, Chizuko

Rain B

Woodcut, circa 1953.


"Rain B" is a color woodcut by Japanese Sosaku Hanga modernist printmaker Chizuko Yoshida (1924-2017), created about 1953. It is pencil signed and ...

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BRUTON, Helen: Agua Caliente


Agua Caliente

Woodcut, circa 1930.


"Agua Caliente" is a woodcut created about 1930 by American artist Helen Bruton (1898-1985). It is pencil signed and was printed by the artist on i...

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Beall, Dennis: The Pedestrian

Beall, Dennis

The Pedestrian

Lithograph, 1957.


"The Pedestrian" is a color lithograph created in 1957 by American printmaker Dennis Ray Beall. It is pencil signed, titled, dated, and editioned 3...

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LASANSKY,  Mauricio: Cadaver

LASANSKY, Mauricio


Drypoint, 1935.


"Cadaver" is a drypoint created in 1935 by American printmaker, Mauricio Lasansky (1914-2012). It is pencil signed and dated and was printed by the...

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LUM, Bertha: Road to the Forest

LUM, Bertha

Road to the Forest

Woodcut, 1905.


"Road to the Forest," also known as "Carmel Cottages," is a color woodcut by American artist Bertha Lum (1869-1954). It is pencil inscribed within ...

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DESMAZIERES,  Erik: La Place Desertee


La Place Desertee

Etching, 1979.


"La Place Déserteé" is an etching created in 1979 by French printmaker Érik Desmazières. It is pencil signed, titled, dated and editioned 36/90. It...

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HAAS, Hildegarde: September Frost

HAAS, Hildegarde

September Frost

Woodcut, 1949.


"September Frost" is a color woodcut created in 1949 by American artist Hildegarde Haas (1926-2002). It is pencil signed, titled, dated and edition...

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BAUMANN, Gustave: Torrey Pine

BAUMANN, Gustave

Torrey Pine

Woodcut, 1961.


"Torrey Pine" is a color woodcut created in 1961 by American printmaker Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). It is pencil signed, titled, dated and edition...

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BECKER, Fred: Scaffolding



Intaglio, 1952.


"Scaffolding" is an open-bite etching and engraving created in 1952 by American printmaker Fred Becker (1913-2004). It is pencil signed and titled,...

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LORD, Elyse Ashe: My Dress

LORD, Elyse Ashe

My Dress

Woodcut, circa 1920.


"My Dress" is a mixed technique print, an aquatint and drypoint with hand-applied color via woodcut, by British printmaker Elyse Ashe Lord (1885-19...

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ADAMS, Clinton: Triad X

ADAMS, Clinton

Triad X

Lithograph, 1982.


"Triad X" is a lithograph, created in 1982 by American artist Clinton Adams (1918-2002). It is pencil signed and editioned 12/16. Published by Tama...

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PLATT, John Edgar: Snow in Springtime

PLATT, John Edgar

Snow in Springtime

Woodcut, 1919.


"Snow in Springtime" is a color woodcut created in 1919 by British printmaker John Edgar Platt (1886-1967). It is pencil signed, titled, and editio...

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COOK, Howard: Taos Indian

COOK, Howard

Taos Indian

Woodcut, 1927.


"Taos Indian," also called "Fat John," is a woodcut created in 1927 by American artist Howard Cook (1901-1980). It is pencil signed, titled, and an...

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BAUMANN, Gustave: Singing Wood

BAUMANN, Gustave

Singing Wood

Woodcut, 1928.


"Singing Wood" is a color woodcut by American master printmaker, Gustave Baumann (1881-1971). It was printed in 1928 and is from the first edition....

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WHISTLER, James Abbott McNeill: Longshoremen

WHISTLER, James Abbott McNeill


Intaglio, 1859.


"Longshoremen" is an etching and drypoint from 1859 by James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903). A rare impression of the third state of four, ann...

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IHLE, John: Wabasca Portage

IHLE, John

Wabasca Portage

Collagraph, 1976.


"Wabasca Portage" is a color collagraph from 1976 by American printmaker John Ihle (1925-2002). It is from his "Canadian Series" and is pencil sign...

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RAGLE, Roy: Self-Portrait XI


Self-Portrait XI

Woodcut, 1973.


"Self-Portrait XI" is a relief print, a woodcut, created in 1973 by American printmaker, Roy W. Ragle (1944-2014). It is pencil signed, titled, dat...

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OLDENBURG, Claes, Striding Figure, Screenprint


Striding Figure

Screenprint, 1971.


"Striding Figure" is a color screenprint by American artist Claes Oldenburg. It was printed using enamel inks, in black and white in 1962 and with ...

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DREWES, Werner, Sunset, Engraving| Etching| Intaglio

DREWES, Werner


Intaglio, 1944 - 1975.


"Sunset" is an engraving and softground etching by American artist Werner Drewes (1899-1985). It is pencil signed and inscribed "5/XXV, 2nd edition...

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LOBDELL, Frank, 3.1.84, Monotype



Monotype, 1984.


"3.1.84" is a color monotype created in 1984 by American artist Frank Lobdell (1921-2013). It is pencil signed and titled (dated) in the lower marg...

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