Obertueffer, Henriette Amiard: The Cigarette

Obertueffer, Henriette Amiard

The Cigarette

Aquatint, 1934.


Henriette Amiard Obertueffer (France/United States) 1878-1962 "The Cigarette". Aquatint, 1934. Ed: 162. Ref: Winisch 216; Not in Dixon Gallery. Sig...

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Howey, Robert Leslie: Butterfly

Howey, Robert Leslie


Woodcut, c. 1930.


Robert Leslie Howey (British) 1900-1981 [Butterfly on flower petal]. Woodcut, c. 1930. Ed: Unknown but probably fewer than 100. Signed with pencil,...

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Legros, Alphonse: Landscape, path and traveller

Legros, Alphonse

Landscape, path and traveller

Drawing or watercolor, c. 1870.


Alphonse Legros (France/England) 1837-1911 [Landscape, path and traveller]. Brown and black ink with brown wash, c. 1870. On beige laid paper. Ex C...

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Smith, John: Sir Christopher Wren

Smith, John

Sir Christopher Wren

Mezzotint, 1713.


John Smith (British) 1655-1743 "Sir Christopher Wren". Mezzotint, 1713, after a painting (1711) by Godfrey Kneller (1646-1723). Ed: Uncommon. With ...

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Cotton, John Wesley: Venice, The Landing

Cotton, John Wesley

Venice, The Landing

Etching, 1912.


John Wesley Cotton (Canada) 1868-1931 "Venice, The Landing". Etching and aquatint, 1912. Ed: Unknown, perhaps a few proofs. Signed with pencil, l.r...

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Sterner, Albert: Adam and Eve

Sterner, Albert

Adam and Eve

Lithograph, 1921.


Albert Sterner (United States) 1863-1946 "Adam and Eve". Lithograph, 1921. Ed: 50. Signed with pencil, l.r. Initialled and dated on the stone, l.r....

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Robbe, Manuel: Nocturne (Le Flirt)

Robbe, Manuel

Nocturne (Le Flirt)

Aquatint, circa 1905.


Manuel Robbe (France) 1872-1939 "Nocturne" (Le Flirt). Aquatint, c. 1905. Merrill-Chase 62. Ref. "Prints About Prints", Diane Ewan Wolfe...

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Redon, Odilon: Béatrice

Redon, Odilon


Lithograph, 1897.


Odilon Redon (France) 1840-1916 "Béatrice". Lithograph, 1897. Mellerio 168, Werner 143. Ref: Bailly-Herzberg, p. 276. Ed: 100, as published by Amb...

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Luce, Maximilien: Usines à Charleroi

Luce, Maximilien

Usines à Charleroi

Lithograph, 1898.


Maximilien Luce (France) 1858-1941 "Usines à Charleroi" (Factories at Charleroi). Lithograoh, 1898. Ref: "The Color Revolution. Color Lithography i...

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Waterloo, Anthonie: The Village on the Hill

Waterloo, Anthonie

The Village on the Hill

Etching, 1650.


Anthonie Waterloo (Netherlands) 1610-1690 "The Village on the Hill" (Die ortschaft auf dem Hugel) Etching, 1650. Uncommon. Bartsch 92; Hollstein 92...

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Swanewelt, Herman van: Tobias Startled by the Fish

Swanewelt, Herman van

Tobias Startled by the Fish

Etching, circa 1640.


Herman van Swanewelt (Netherlands) 1603-1655 "Tobias Startled by the Fish". Etching, c. 1640. From the "Old Testament series". Hollstein 3, iii/IV....

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Delacroix, Eugène: Un Forgeron

Delacroix, Eugène

Un Forgeron

Aquatint, 1833.


Eugène Delacroix (France) 1798-1863 "Un Forgeron" (Blacksmith). Aquatint, 1833. Delteil 19, iv/VI. Ref: Beraldi, p.157, iii/III.; "Prints & Peo...

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Besnard, Paul-Albert: Le Déjeuner

Besnard, Paul-Albert

Le Déjeuner

Etching, 1886.


Paul-Albert Besnard (France) 1849-1934 "Le Déjeuner" (Maternité heureuse). Etching, 1886. Delteil 50, only state. Ref: Coppier, 45; Bailly-herzberg...

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Houtin,  François, Le reve, no. 3, Etching

Houtin, François

Le reve, no. 3

Etching, 1987.


François Houtin (France) b. 1950 "Le Reve, no. 3". Etching, 1987. Broutta 231. Ed: 80. Signed with pencil, l.r. Titled and inscribed with pencil, "...

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