WILSON, John: Boy with Book


Boy with Book

Drawing or watercolor, 1970.


This is a charcoal, chalk and litho crayon drawing from circa 1970. It is framed in a museum quality frame behind Optium plexiglass which is includ...

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BAUMGARTNER, Christiane: Beelitz



Woodcut, 2006.


This impression is numbered in Roman numerals #VI/X suggesting it is outside the primary edition of 30 (Artist Proof or Publisher's Proof?). It is ...

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PARKEHARRISON, Robert: Book of Life


Book of Life

Other, 2000.


This photogravure was published by Richard Levy Gallery, Albuquerque, NM in 2000. The plate was crafted by Lothar Osterburg in Brooklyn, NY and pri...

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LUNDSAGER, Eva: Constellation #41


Constellation #41

Monotype, 2017.


This is a watercolor monotype from a series made in 2017. The image measures 24 x 19 inches. The artist paints the images and frosted mylar plates,...

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WONG, Janine: Color Equation 6

WONG, Janine

Color Equation 6

Monoprint, 2019.


Janine Wong is an artist, architect and graphic designer. Her Color Equation series incorporates several different printing techniques as well as d...

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RITCHIE, Charles: House 1

RITCHIE, Charles

House 1

Mezzotint, 2018.


Charles Ritchie has been making prints with Center Street Studio since 1994. His most recent project is a set of 3 mezzotints depicting the night l...

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a - z (diptych)

CARTER, Matthew

a - z (diptych)

Aquatint, 2015.


This pair of prints are separate editions of Matthew Carter's 'a' and 'z' plates from the portfolio and are available as a diptych. Also printed in...

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Bird in Tree

RYAN, Richard

Bird in Tree

Woodcut, 2014.


This woodcut, the third foray into the medium for the artist, was rendered completely by thousands of tiny white dots created by drilling into the ...

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Crow Suite

Highsmith, Cyrus

Crow Suite

Aquatint, 2020.


Cyrus Highsmith is a letter drawer, teacher, author, and graphic artist. He teaches type design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He wrote a...

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7Y7R7B IV + 7Y7R7G IV

ELTONO, public space artist

7Y7R7B IV + 7Y7R7G IV

Woodcut, 2017.


This unique color woodcut diptych, printed in colors from 7 blocks is by French public space artist Eltono. The artist was in the US in 2017 worki...

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Aquatint, 2015.


Translating Thompson's sculptural ideas into print can be a daunting task. Crest is printed from a shaped copper plate, cut and refined by the arti...

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